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  • ratul asked on 15 Mar 2020

    Will Hyundai Venue S Turbo able to perform better with a engine capacity of 998cc?

    • Cardekho Experts
    • on 16 Mar 2020

    There won\'t be lack of performance if you choose to go with Venue S Turbo as it works differently. Turbo engine produces more power in the same-sized engine. That’s because every stroke of the piston generates more power than in naturally-aspirated engines. Also, it provides a better economy because turbochargers can produce the same power output as larger, naturally-aspirated engines, this paves the way for the use of smaller, lighter and more economical engines. Moreover, we\'d suggest taking a test drive of turbo engine variant and normal engine variant so that you will be able to judge the difference. You can click on the following link to see the details of the nearest dealership and selecting your city accordingly - Car Showrooms.

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