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141 यूज़र रिव्यू के आधार पर मर्सिडीज कारों की औसत रेटिंग

भारत में मर्सिडीज की कुल 14 कारें बिक्री के लिए उपलब्ध हैं। इनमें मर्सिडीज वी-क्लास (Rs 68.4 लाख), मर्सिडीज सी-क्लास (Rs 40.9 लाख), मर्सिडीज ई-क्लास (Rs 59.08 लाख) अपने-अपने सेगमेंट की सबसे पॉपुलर गाड़ियां हैं। जीएलए क्लास, मर्सिडीज की सबसे सस्ती कार है जिसकी रेट ₹ 32.33 लाख से शुरू होती है। वहीं, ₹ 2.42 करोड़ की प्राइस रेंज तक जाने वाली एएमजी जीटी 4-door कूपे, मर्सिडीज की सबसे महंगी कार है। मर्सिडीज जल्द ही ईक्यूसी, जीएलएस 2020, जीएलए 2020, सीएलए 2020, बी-क्लास 2019, ए-क्लास सेडान, जीएलबी, ई-क्लास 2020, एएमजी जीटी 4-door कूपे, amg जीएलई 53 कूपे को भी भारत में लॉन्च करेगी।

भारत में मर्सिडीज कारों की प्राइस लिस्ट (2020)

मॉडलएक्स-शोरूम कीमत
मर्सिडीज वी-क्लासRs. 68.4 लाख - 1.46 करोड़*
मर्सिडीज सी-क्लासRs. 40.9 - 75.0 लाख*
मर्सिडीज ई-क्लासRs. 59.08 लाख - 1.5 करोड़*
मर्सिडीज एस-क्लासRs. 1.35 - 2.73 करोड़*
मर्सिडीज जीएलईRs. 73.7 लाख - 1.25 करोड़*
मर्सिडीज जीएलएसRs. 87.76 - 88.2 लाख*
मर्सिडीज जी क्लासRs. 1.5 - 2.19 करोड़*
मर्सिडीज जीएलसीRs. 52.75 - 57.75 लाख*
मर्सिडीज एएमजी जीटीRs. 2.27 - 2.32 करोड़*
मर्सिडीज सीएलएसRs. 84.7 लाख*
मर्सिडीज एएमजी जीटी 4-door कूपेRs. 2.42 करोड़*
मर्सिडीज ई-क्लास all-terrainRs. 75.0 लाख*
मर्सिडीज जीएलए classRs. 32.33 - 41.51 लाख*
मर्सिडीज जीएलसी कूपेRs. 62.7 - 63.7 लाख*

मर्सिडीज कार मॉडल

*एक्स-शोरूम प्राइस

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  • मर्सिडीज ई-क्लास

    Best in class luxury.

    The performance of the car is very smooth with greater looks.

    By prajwal
    On: apr 05, 2020 | 21 Views
  • मर्सिडीज जीएलई

    Excellent Car with Great Features

    King of roads... Emperor of Off roads... Never give a chance to worry... Keep a smile at every moment... Run like a cheetah grip like a lizard ... Power of an elephant...... और देखें

    By baiju chithran
    On: mar 31, 2020 | 46 Views
  • मर्सिडीज ई-क्लास

    Beautiful Car but some Problem

    We've had the E220d (V213) for about a month now, the car is absolutely beautiful. The only problem is the "thud" sound the brakes make when you stop the car. Now... और देखें

    By adhiraj kumar
    On: mar 29, 2020 | 56 Views
  • मर्सिडीज जीएलसी

    Awesome Car

    Awesome best SUV in the world super luxurious awesome technology unbeatable car long-range car and my dream car.

    By dr kranthi
    On: mar 25, 2020 | 19 Views
  • मर्सिडीज जीएलए 2020

    Awesome Car

    Mind-blowing, luxuries car Test drive are very easy and the car has a very nice feature.

    By harsh
    On: mar 20, 2020 | 20 Views

Recently Asked User Questions about Mercedes-Benz

  • image
    • Cardekho Experts
    • on 8 Apr 2020

    In order to check its availability in BS4, and discounts, we would suggest you to contact the nearest authorised dealership.

    Helpful (0)
    • 1 Answer
  • image
    • Cardekho Experts
    • on 6 Apr 2020

    The Mercedes-Benz G Class comeswith the 275/50 R20 tubeless, Radial tyres.

    Helpful (0)
    • 1 Answer
  • image
    • Cardekho Experts
    • on 5 Apr 2020

    There are two variants available in Mercedes-Benz AMG GT i.e. Roadster and R. The Mercedes-AMG GT R is the most hardcore version of the standard Mercedes-AMG GT. It is powered by a 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 petrol engine that produces 585PS of power and 700Nm of torque. Mated to the engine is a 7-speed, dual-clutch transmission that sends the power to the rear wheels only. It completes the 0-100kmph sprint in 3.6 seconds and can reach a top speed of 318kmph. The other offering, the Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster, also gets the same engine as the GT R but in a detuned form. It generates 476PS of power and 630Nm of torque. Transmission duties are handled by the same 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox and power is also sent to the rear wheels only. 0-100kmph is dealt in 4.0 seconds and the car tops out at 302kmph. Helping that cause is AMG\'s favourite 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, which doesn\'t leave much room for complaint. The gearbox now also lets you launch the car at higher revs than the GT S for quicker race starts. But the party piece is the nine-step traction control adjustment which lets the driver fine-tune the level of slip on the rear axle with a knob on the centre console. In a nutshell, it will let you pull the smokey stuff through the corners and still manage to get a blisteringly fast exit. Even the exhaust system has been engineered to produce a note evocative of AMG\'s GT3 racecar. It snarls with every breath even at crawling speeds and roars as you race for the redline. There are plenty of crackles and pops on the overrun, but hearing how angrily she breathes, you would also expect the GT R to spit and drool like a beast. Overall it offers a great balance of styling, performance, handling. Do take a test drive in order to clear your all doubts. Check out the nearest authorised deaelrship details.

    Helpful (0)
    • 1 Answer
  • image
    • Cardekho Experts
    • on 3 Apr 2020

    Offers and discounts are provided by the brand and it may also vary according to the city, brand, and model. Click on the link to check the current month offers (if any): https://www.cardekho.com/car-deals-discount-offers.htm There are scenarios wherein dealers also give attractive deals to their customers. Click on the link to check dealership details: Car Showrooms

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    • 1 Answer
  • image
    • Cardekho Experts
    • on 25 Mar 2020

    The drive type of Mercedes-Benz GLA Class 200 D Style is 2WD (front-wheel drive).

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    • 1 Answer
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