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  • palash asked on 12 Sep 2019

    Is the Breaking Problem in Elite i20 resolved in the newer models, is it a safe car to buy?

    • Cardekho Experts
    • on 12 Sep 2019

    Elite i20 is one of the best available cars when it comes to safety. Moreover, We haven\'t come across any of the cases with the braking system of the Elite i20. However, if you are facing such problems with your car, we would suggest you to get your vehicle to the nearest authorised service center so that you may get further assistance regarding your query.

    उपयोगी (1)
    • on 12 Sep 2019

    I have purchased elite i20 asta option 2016 november, pressent running km is 44,500. Tyres became soft and smooth no grip for four tyres even though in rain while i am travelling with speed 110/120 brakes work perfectly.

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