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  • aptakama asked on 19 Nov 2020

    Is XL6 alpha AT is it suitable for hill station ride, or would you suggest any other AT, how XL6 ATperformancefor daily use?

    • Cardekho experts
    • on 19 Nov 2020

    If you like laid-back driving, you will enjoy the XL6 both inside the city and more so on the highway. It is only available with the 1.5-litre Smart Hybrid petrol engine from the Ertiga. The engine impresses with its refinement. For the XL6, the firewall insulation has been improved and you barely hear the engine inside the cabin. It remains vibration-free for the most part as well. What it also loves to do is cruise on the highways. The motor remains relaxed at low triple-digit speeds too. Push it past 4000rpm, however, and it makes quite a racket. AT gearbox likes to hold revs higher up in order to keep you going smoothly, which will take a toll on your fuel efficiency. Drive with a light foot and the gear changes are smooth and jerk-free, though a tad slow. It is only when you decide to suddenly overtake a car or go faster that the shifts feel a bit jerky. With the automatic transmission, the XL6 continues to be a relaxed cruiser - whether in the city or on the highway. If we talk about hilly terrains, It will do the job but not recommended for regular usage. You may find the drive quality a bit jerky as you need to drive the car in overdrive mode. Do take a test drive in order to get better clarity. Check out authorised dealership details.

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    • Sudi
    • on 26 Nov 2020

    I like the car is is so good I loved it

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