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Maruti Baleno
2693 रिव्यूज
Rs. 5.63 - 8.96 लाख *
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  • The Segment Leader

    I drive a Maruti Baleno petrol Zeta 2017. This car feels a bit like light built but feels good enough at this price. As far as the performance goes the 1.2L petrol engine produces around 83 bhp and 114 Nm of torque. It feels easy and simple in the city but on the highway, you really feel underpowered. I'm getting a mileage of 17-18 km/l as I take i...और पढ़ें

    द्वारा manoj chinatalapati
    On: Feb 10, 2019 | 57 Views
  • Feature Rich But Lacks Safety

    Maruti Baleno definitely suits the tag, premium. The interior is spacious, pleasant and somewhat luxurious considering the price. The vehicle is feature rich which adds to its comfort and convenience. In terms of mileage, nobody can beat Maruti Baleno, it's a talking proof. The only but important negative aspect is its safety, it is owing to light ...और पढ़ें

    द्वारा anoop v
    On: Feb 12, 2019 | 75 Views
  • Baleno review

    Baleno is the best car in the hatchback segment. It has the best fuel average. With the best features in that price.

    द्वारा kunal
    On: Feb 16, 2019 | 54 Views
  • Blindly go to buy the car

    It is a very nice car with a decent budget price. It looks like an Audi. Baleno inside was too spacious and controlling power was also excellent.

    द्वारा vamshi धार
    On: Feb 14, 2019 | 33 Views
  • Beautiful Maruti Baleno

    Maruti Baleno is a beautiful and wonderful car, it is the best car out of all in this price range.

    द्वारा jagdev singh
    On: Feb 12, 2019 | 52 Views
  • Maruti Baleno

    Maruti Baleno is a good car at the very best price moreover it looks beautiful.

    द्वारा dev choudhary
    On: Feb 12, 2019 | 38 Views
  • Maruti Baleno

    Maruti Baleno is not good as per its price range, personally, I will suggest going for another product is a good option, Nexa is not a good choice.

    द्वारा shrinil shah
    On: Feb 12, 2019 | 35 Views
  • Maruti Baleno

    I am the owner of Maruti Baleno delta diesel and have driven the car more than 55,0000 kms. The car has good mileage, it gives 22 to 25.5 KMPL mileage with a comfortable drive for every passenger. I have to take my car to off-road once due to road closures, but car behaves well as it has good ground clearance. It is very spacious and loaded with al...और पढ़ें

    द्वारा sumit khurana
    On: Feb 12, 2019 | 26 Views
  • Best in class

    Best car under this price segment... stylish comfortable n upmarket feel...Maruti Baleno is the best car...thanks Maruti for making Baleno.

    द्वारा rounak agarwal
    On: Feb 11, 2019 | 63 Views
  • Must buy it

    Best car I have seen in comparisons with other cars with this type of model. Best in price. Best in the interior. But only 1 problem body is not good.

    द्वारा rahul shahverified Verified Buyer
    On: Feb 09, 2019 | 177 Views
  • for Alpha Diesel

    Little beast

    24 Oct 2015 was the date when Maruti brought in a revolutionary hatchback into the market and captured the attention of the middle class. Indian, who wants the most features at the least price. It is one of the cars In India to compete with its counterpart Hyundai i20 and its own breed, Swift in sales, trust and value for money. Just amazing, go fo...और पढ़ें

    द्वारा mandeep singh
    On: Feb 08, 2019 | 45 Views
  • Poor body and great price

    Bought this Maruti Baleno about 2 years ago, It may seem and look good but is not. The structural integrity of the car is quite weak, the body panels are quite light and get easily damaged during any slight mishappening. The interior is having an all-black theme which makes a car feel claustrophobic. A squeamish sound also comes through the suspens...और पढ़ें

    द्वारा aadit sharma
    On: Feb 07, 2019 | 78 Views

    Maruti Baleno has a very beautiful design very attractive car with all the features beating same segment car by each and every quality like price, looks and builds and never the less the trust of Maruti, it makes the car more worth and value for money. और पढ़ें

    द्वारा tarun nasha
    On: Feb 07, 2019 | 38 Views
  • Maruti Baleno

    I am using Maruti Baleno from 1 year, the ergonomics and the design is great. The steering is awesome, I love the car and it's my all-time favorite car. New Baleno comes with a good new display system with Android auto and Apple car play. Maruti Suzuki is offering to airbags which provides good safeties and the wheels are alloy wheels, in front, th...और पढ़ें

    द्वारा rakesh sharma gangu
    On: Feb 08, 2019 | 36 Views
  • Maruti Baleno

    Maruti Baleno my favorite car but one thing  I must say never go for a top model or low model because in top model and some low modal the prices makes too much difference you can save around 75000 by editing it from outside shops. और पढ़ें

    द्वारा krishna kumar
    On: Feb 08, 2019 | 126 Views
  • Maruti Baleno Delta

    Maruti Baleno fits for value for money compared with other cars of this particular segment. In terms of pricing and features, it is amazing.

    द्वारा kush mittal
    On: Feb 08, 2019 | 40 Views
  • Maruti Baleno

    Maruti Baleno it is such a wonderful car which is hatchback in this price segment where designs are superb with a good specification.

    द्वारा abhijeet shukla
    On: Feb 08, 2019 | 34 Views
  • Maruti Baleno

    Maruti Baleno has a lot of features in this price range, amazing looks, it can beat a car, pricing 15 lakhs, in looks and performance.

    द्वारा hitarth sharma
    On: Feb 07, 2019 | 120 Views
  • A nice option in mid range

    I don't like the suspension of the car. I am using the Maruti Baleno from past 3 years. The designing is good and features are also enough for this price segment but the car feel too light and you feel every bump inside the card... Maintenance cost is also like any other cars of maruti like the Swift. और पढ़ें

    द्वारा ankit rawal
    On: Feb 06, 2019 | 87 Views
  • Value for money

    Maruti Baleno is an excellent car at the best price with good safety features and value for money.

    द्वारा sumit
    On: Feb 07, 2019 | 33 Views
  • Value for money

    It is a value for money car. In this segment, I don't think that any car is better than this at this price. It has a smart hybrid which gives us a better mileage and its looks are fabulous like the premium cars. It also has Android auto and apple carplay. Its interior plastic quality is good and feels like premium cars. और पढ़ें

    द्वारा ritik kumar
    On: Feb 05, 2019 | 30 Views

    Supercar. I like it so much. It is marvelous. The price is good

    द्वारा आई love
    On: Feb 06, 2019 | 40 Views
  • Best hatchback in the segment

    Best selling compact car that should win many prices because it is the best in the segment with the price. Best for small families. But, the ground clearance is bit low so it cannot be taken on an uneven road, so enjoy driving it. With the new facelift model, which is more aggressive and stunning with its color. और पढ़ें

    द्वारा shashank singh
    On: Feb 06, 2019 | 28 Views
  • Maruti's Game changer!!

    This car has proved to be the best card for Maruti in the premium hatchback segment. Maruti Baleno is a complete package, full of party tricks but every good thing has some pros and cons. Pros: 1. Safety features like Dual Airbags and ABS are standard over all variants. 2. Very spacious and airy interior. 3.Best mileage in the segment. 4. Best ...और पढ़ें

    द्वारा pradhyumn mittal
    On: Feb 06, 2019 | 30 Views
  • Baleno - my soul mate

    This is by far the best all rounder car. Given the price, it has features, it has power, excellent braking, great cornering effect, drive dynamics not to forget and the class-leading efficiency. Phew, that is just so much satisfying. Truly a dream car for my family. और पढ़ें

    द्वारा shiva kumar
    On: Feb 05, 2019 | 18 Views

    Maruti Baleno is the apex Car in the hatchback segment, Looks, specifications and price all are at the best point.

    द्वारा bobby rajput
    On: Feb 05, 2019 | 109 Views
  • Value for money

    The car comes with great features, great price and drivability are pretty good (being a Maruti car). Cabin feels premium as compared to other cars in the same segment and it is very spacious. The main advantage for me is better mileage than other cars in the same segment. It is an overall package and for me, it's worth the money.  और पढ़ें

    द्वारा nakul mahajan
    On: Feb 05, 2019 | 31 Views
  • Decent and featured rich car in a tight budget

    Feature-rich car at a reasonable price and a huge cabin and boot space with better mileage and peace of mind to have a Maruti car.

    द्वारा manoj kumar
    On: Feb 04, 2019 | 34 Views
  • Worth Car to Purchase

    Maruti Baleno is a nice car with such lovely features in this price range, its worth to purchase.

    द्वारा abhishek singh
    On: Feb 03, 2019 | 22 Views
  • Looks great

    The Maruti Baleno looks great in terms of price and quality.

    द्वारा palkesh sanghavi
    On: Feb 03, 2019 | 38 Views
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