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Maruti Baleno
371 रिव्यूज
Rs.6.61 - 9.88 लाख*
*एक्स-शोरूम कीमत नई दिल्ली
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पर बेस्ड 371 यूजर रिव्यू

मारुति बलेनो यूज़र रिव्यू

  • सभी (371)
  • Mileage (146)
  • Performance (86)
  • Looks (119)
  • Comfort (164)
  • Engine (52)
  • Interior (48)
  • Power (35)
  • और...
  • नई
  • उपयोगी
  • Middle Class Benz

    Very nice, good quality, and low maintenance, with good mileage. Totally a middle-class Benz, low price, very nice.और देखें

    द्वारा mohan
    On: Sep 26, 2023 | 74 Views
  • Good Car Good

    Good mileage, a good car, and a good company. I suggest that everyone consider buying Maruti Suzuki cars, as they are also good for safety purposes.और देखें

    द्वारा vinit beniwal
    On: Sep 24, 2023 | 254 Views
  • for Zeta

    Baleno Smart

    Good safety, superb features, great comfort, a dashing look, and excellent mileage - it's all great and the most value for money.और देखें

    द्वारा raj kumar
    On: Sep 19, 2023 | 582 Views
  • Best Car In This Segment

    The Baleno is one of the best cars, offering budget-friendly pricing. Its looks and build quality are impressive. The buying experience was also good, with polite staff.और देखें

    द्वारा yash damani
    On: Sep 18, 2023 | 565 Views
  • Overall Good Car

    An outstanding car within a budget and low maintenance requirements. However, there is a significant concern regarding the poor quality of the body manufacturing. Please address and rectify this issue.और देखें

    द्वारा akhter ali qureshi
    On: Sep 16, 2023 | 190 Views
  • Superb Car

    The Baleno offers superb performance, exceptional driving comfort, and impressive mileage. Opting for it was definitely a wise decision.और देखें

    द्वारा ahuja
    On: Sep 16, 2023 | 167 Views
  • This Is Nice Car

    This is a nice car for a comfortable Maruti Baleno It has good performance this car's mileage is good.और देखें

    द्वारा meena ji
    On: Sep 15, 2023 | 1228 Views
  • 2.0 Star/Bad Quality Vehicle

    Maruti Suzuki needs to work on build quality and safety. Quite a tin box Maruti Baleno, User from 2016 Dec, still using same dabba gaadi. Safety point zero, in rains even in water of 6-8 inches it feels like floating on the road. No build quality at all. Minor hits by two-wheelers give changeable damage to bumpers that too at a very heavy cost. Ver...और देखें

    द्वारा user
    On: Sep 14, 2023 | 999 Views
  • Good Car In This Price Range

    This is a suitable car for middle-class individuals priced under 10 lakh. Overall, it delivers good performance, economical maintenance, and impressive mileage, making it a practical choice.और देखें

    द्वारा vishal kumar singh
    On: Sep 14, 2023 | 133 Views
  • Perfect Car

    This car is undoubtedly one of the best options available in the Indian market, aligning perfectly with our expectations in terms of both cost and other essential factors.और देखें

    द्वारा mohil patel
    On: Sep 13, 2023 | 89 Views
  • Overall Good Car In This Segment

    The Maruti Suzuki Baleno is a popular compact car known for its affordability, fuel efficiency, and spacious interior. Here's a brief review: Pros: 1. Fuel Efficiency: The Baleno is known for its excellent fuel economy, making it an economical choice for daily commuting. 2. Spacious Interior: The cabin offers ample space for passengers and cargo. T...और देखें

    द्वारा chinmay bhake
    On: Sep 13, 2023 | 344 Views
  • Safety,good Looking

    It is a safe and economical option for small families, suitable for various locations, including small spaces.और देखें

    द्वारा dinesh netam
    On: Sep 12, 2023 | 353 Views
  • The Maruti Suzuki Baleno Is A Great Car

    The Maruti Suzuki Baleno is a subcompact hatchback that has been one of the best-selling cars in India since its launch in 2015. It is known for its fuel efficiency, comfortable ride, and stylish design. The Baleno is powered by a 1.2L DualJet petrol engine that produces 90 PS and 113 Nm of torque. It is available with a 5-speed manual transmission...और देखें

    द्वारा umar nadeem
    On: Sep 11, 2023 | 1987 Views
  • Very Useful Car

    The car is quite impressive. I've had a good experience with its service, and it provides a mileage of 18 kilometres per litre on petrol. I highly recommend it to everyone. I reside in Muzaffarpur, Bihar, where the roads are generally in poor condition. However, this car offers excellent road grip and handles well, making it a reliable choice.और देखें

    द्वारा mithun kumar
    On: Sep 11, 2023 | 360 Views
  • for Sigma

    Car Is All Good.

    The car is excellent with a superb appearance, and its performance is also impressive. Overall, the car provides great mileage and comfort.और देखें

    द्वारा samiran baishya
    On: Sep 05, 2023 | 929 Views
  • Baleno Is A Premium Hatchback

    The Baleno is indeed a premium hatchback that provides a spacious cabin and a comfortable ride. It's a practical and sensible choice for daily driving needs.  और देखें

    द्वारा aasath
    On: Sep 05, 2023 | 230 Views
  • for Delta

    Exciting Maruti Baleno For Family And Friends

    Overall, I am satisfied with the Baleno, and I have been the owner of this car for the last 3 years. It's a spacious and comfortable car.और देखें

    द्वारा gopal ram gupta
    On: Sep 04, 2023 | 788 Views
  • Excellent Vehicle

    Very good performance. Looks very good. Overall, the interior and exterior are very good. I prefer the white color for the Baleno.और देखें

    द्वारा sck
    On: Sep 03, 2023 | 321 Views
  • It's A Good Company Top Selling Cars Company In In

    Maruti Suzuki cars are good and known for their best mileage. However, their safety ratings are not very good on average. I bought the WagonR VXI, and its performance is good.  और देखें

    द्वारा sahan hussain
    On: Aug 27, 2023 | 593 Views
  • Good Family Car

    Great experience! Before purchasing this car, I took test drives of almost all the cars in various segments and variants. However, buying this car fulfilled my mother's dream, which was very important to me. I'm thrilled that I finally got what was needed. It provides a satisfying experience even on long trips. Cheers! और देखें

    द्वारा parag
    On: Aug 27, 2023 | 231 Views
  • Beautiful Car

    The best car in this type of variant. It's comfortable and easy to drive, especially during long drives. It offers good boot space, and the mileage of the car is very good. The CNG variants are also good, with good pickup.  और देखें

    द्वारा lovepreet singh
    On: Aug 25, 2023 | 177 Views
  • Build Quality

    The car has good built quality, although not as good as I initially thought. Overall, the car is great. It comes with many features.  और देखें

    द्वारा harender
    On: Aug 25, 2023 | 183 Views
  • for Delta

    Comfort Of Life

    The driving experience is very smooth. It's comfortable for long-distance driving and manageable for the middle-class segment. Overall, the performance is very nice.  और देखें

    द्वारा susheel saxena
    On: Aug 25, 2023 | 112 Views
  • Good Condition

    Baleno is the best car in terms of mileage, pickup, and safety. It has an amazing look. It's reasonably comfortable as well.और देखें

    द्वारा indrapal
    On: Aug 23, 2023 | 557 Views
  • Driving Experience Was Very Good

    The driving experience was very good, especially the smooth clutch shift in the manual mode, which is particularly helpful in heavy traffic situations where frequent gear shifts are required. The vehicle's fuel efficiency was impressive, alleviating my concerns about fuel consumption. The 360-degree camera setup is a standout feature that aids in p...और देखें

    द्वारा raman singh
    On: Aug 21, 2023 | 214 Views
  • Very Bad Performance

    Have purchased this car 3yrs back, and there was a fuel pump problem right after 6months, and it still continues. The car completely shuts down and doesn't start at all. Faced this prob 4-5 times to date the worst part during the lockdown and once during our trip to Daman. Don't purchase it. The company doesn't give any proper service too.और देखें

    द्वारा saket kejriwal
    On: Aug 21, 2023 | 931 Views
  • Great Mileage

    Great mileage and a powerful engine with high CC. I recommend everyone to consider buying this car for an enjoyable and satisfying driving experience.और देखें

    द्वारा shahmuzaffer
    On: Aug 19, 2023 | 180 Views
  • Mileage Is Not As Good

    With its good handling, it can achieve a mileage of around 17-18 kmpl. The performance is impressive, and I personally enjoy driving the Baleno. Its looks are classy. I haven't had any complaints so far. The driving comfort is premium, and the maintenance cost is low. The boot space is sufficient for a small family. The Suzuki Connect app is handy....और देखें

    द्वारा surya prakash reddy
    On: Aug 19, 2023 | 213 Views
  • Best Car

    This car has a beautiful appearance, excellent mileage, and impressive performance. It offers all the features one would expect from a car in this price range.और देखें

    द्वारा awadhesh
    On: Aug 19, 2023 | 432 Views
  • Good Car

    It's a good car, with reliability being the priority. The driving experience is great. There's room for upgrading the technological aspects, but overall, it's a good budget car.और देखें

    द्वारा neethu j
    On: Aug 18, 2023 | 118 Views
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Compare Variants of मारुति बलेनो

  • पेट्रोल
  • सीएनजी
  • Rs.6,61,000*ईएमआई: Rs.14,690
    22.35 किमी/लीटरमैनुअल
    Key Features
    • एबीएस with ebd
    • dual एयर बैग
    • ऑटो क्लाइमेट कंट्रोल
    • की-लेस एंट्री
  • Rs.7,45,000*ईएमआई: Rs.16,474
    22.35 किमी/लीटरमैनुअल
    Pay 84,000 more to get
    • 7-inch touchscreen
    • प्रोजेक्टर हेडलाइट्स
    • स्टीयरिंग mounted audio controls
    • 4 speakers
  • Rs.8,00,000*ईएमआई: Rs.17,616
    22.94 किमी/लीटरऑटोमेटिक
    Pay 1,39,000 more to get
    • 7-inch touchscreen
    • electrically फोल्डेबल orvms
    • स्टीयरिंग mounted audio controls
    • esp with hill hold assist
  • Rs.8,38,000*ईएमआई: Rs.18,422
    22.35 किमी/लीटरमैनुअल
    Pay 1,77,000 more to get
    • connected कार tech (telematics)
    • push-button start/stop
    • रियर व्यू कैमरा
    • side और curtain एयर बैग
  • Rs.8,93,000*ईएमआई: Rs.19,585
    22.94 किमी/लीटरऑटोमेटिक
    Pay 2,32,000 more to get
    • connected कार tech (telematics)
    • push-button start/stop
    • रियर व्यू कैमरा
    • esp with hill hold assist
    • side और curtain एयर बैग
  • Rs.9,33,000*ईएमआई: Rs.20,449
    22.35 किमी/लीटरमैनुअल
    Pay 2,72,000 more to get
    • 360-degree camera
    • हेड-अप डिस्प्ले
    • 9-inch touchscreen
    • क्रूज कंट्रोल
    • esp with hill hold assist
  • Rs.9,88,000*ईएमआई: Rs.21,602
    22.94 किमी/लीटरऑटोमेटिक
    Pay 3,27,000 more to get
    • heads-up display
    • 9-inch touchscreen
    • 360-degree camera
    • क्रूज कंट्रोल
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What आईएस the down payment का the मारुति Baleno?

Prakash asked on 23 Sep 2023

If you are planning to buy a new car on finance, then generally, a 20 to 25 perc...

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By Cardekho experts on 23 Sep 2023

What आईएस the CSD कीमत का the मारुति Baleno?

Abhijeet asked on 13 Sep 2023

The exact information regarding the CSD prices of the car can be only available ...

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By Cardekho experts on 13 Sep 2023

मारुति सुजुकी बलेनो duel tone colour available?

Narpatsingh asked on 22 Aug 2023

Maruti Baleno is available in 7 different colours - Arctic White, Opulent Red, P...

और देखें
By Cardekho experts on 22 Aug 2023

What आईएस the कीमत का the मारुति बलेनो Sigma?

RajveersinghRathore asked on 3 Aug 2023

The Maruti Baleno Sigma is priced at INR 6.61 Lakh (Ex-showroom Price in New Del...

और देखें
By Dillip on 3 Aug 2023

How many colour are available?

ajay40045@gmail.com asked on 12 May 2023

Maruti Baleno is available in 6 different colours - Pearl Arctic White, Opulent ...

और देखें
By Cardekho experts on 12 May 2023

मारुति बलेनो के टायर का साइज क्या है?

मारुति बलेनो के टायर का साइज 195/55 r16 है।

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मारुति बलेनो का कर्ब वेट कितना है?

मारुति बलेनो का कर्ब वेट 935-960 किग्रा है।

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