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  • rizvi asked on 21 Aug 2019

    Which is better option, i20 Petrol or i20 Diesel. I need Performance pickup power?

    • Cardekho Experts
    • on 21 Aug 2019

    As you re looking for the right fuel type which depends on your utility and average running of the car. The Diesel cars are preferred if the average daily run of your car is more than 60kms which makes it feasible for a purchase. People who drive less then 50/60kms in a day then we recommend you to go with for a petrol car as they are easy to maintain, have a longer life span and they cost less than the diesel car. The statistics help you to choose a perfect car. The diesel cars are more efficient when it comes to fuel economy and provide more torque, therefore, are preferred to run a more for a person who drives more than 60kms. The diesel engine does have a high torque as compared to the petrol motor whereas the petrol motor is high of the power side rather than the torque as compared to the diesel motor. Select according to your requirements.

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