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MG Hector
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  • Amazing Car

    I own a petrol hybrid MG Hector and the experience has been amazing to date. Have completed 2k kms. 1. The engine : sufficient power for this sized car. I initially thought the power to weight ratio would be evident when it comes to pulling the car, but I haven't experienced lack of power in most scenarios. The noise and vibrations are so low that ...और पढ़ें

    द्वारा anonymous
    On: Oct 06, 2019 | 7039 Views
  • Most Awaited SUV

    MG Hector is the best Suv To Buy With More Features. Pick up of the vehicle is excellent, Comfort of the vehicle is superb. The overall performance of the vehicle is awesome. Mileage is better as compared to other Suv. After-sales service is awesome as they have given me was excellent as they answered for my doubts after the delivery. Engine Perfor...और पढ़ें

    द्वारा anonymous
    On: Oct 06, 2019 | 863 Views
  • Good Driving Experience

    I have been driving MG Hector, Petrol, DCT Car for the last 3 months. I am thoroughly disappointed with fuel efficiency. City driving is between 5 to 6 km which is nowhere near the declared fuel efficiency of 13+ km. Highway driving FE is not more than 9kms. Moreover, there is a lag in DCT when you accelerate. VW TSI is the best in automatic transm...और पढ़ें

    द्वारा n viswanath
    On: Oct 14, 2019 | 2228 Views
  • Car Has Attractive Design

    MG Hector is a good car with a new attractive design, nice work on the headlamps at the back. But even making simplest of the task such as adjusting the fan speed by use of the touch screen or voice command is quite difficult to get used to, moreover, the voice command is not responsive at all times. A nice new concept car overall. और पढ़ें

    द्वारा v p singh
    On: Oct 09, 2019 | 2160 Views
  • Car Gives Good Level Of Comfort

    I have MG Hector diesel top-end variants. The car has a good level of comfort. However, it comes with a touch screen of 10 inch which feels good. The car comes with sunroof which gives it a luxury look. According to safety, it comes with 6 airbags, ABS, EBD, all-disc brakes, 360° camera, front parking sensors and many more. Overall I would like to ...और पढ़ें

    द्वारा aditya metrani
    On: Oct 09, 2019 | 1001 Views
  • Worth Buying!!!

    I like the front grill of MG Hector especially the DRLS alongwith the indicators. When I sat inside the hector it felt wow because the interior looks like you are sitting in a living room with a 10 inches display along with a navigation and GPRS. Voice command is also very great. I love the front of the car but at the back, it looks like an Audi as...और पढ़ें

    द्वारा lakshya goel
    On: Oct 09, 2019 | 509 Views
  • Spacious Car

    MG Hector is best in terms of space and it gets a tesla type touchscreen which is absolutely great. Its feature distribution is good in all its variant or its engine is good you can buy it if you want space in your car. But if you want features then you will go for seltos, it gets all led lights and best in bad roads. और पढ़ें

    द्वारा dhawan beatz
    On: Oct 14, 2019 | 142 Views
  • Mind Blowing Car

    MG Hector is one of the best experience of driving this car. And especially in today's world where people are just in connection with one touch. This MG car is also now a smart car where people are smart with phones and many more. Well, it's one of the best launch for India to launch MG Hector. Drive your experience and now get a smart car. और पढ़ें

    द्वारा chetan jhaveri
    On: Oct 09, 2019 | 89 Views
  • Best Desgined Car

    MG Hector is the best combination for good looks, design and at a minimum prices ranges. This car have all the features which the imported car posses. It is a really good car at that budget. और पढ़ें

    द्वारा sanskar lasar
    On: Oct 05, 2019 | 202 Views
  • Best Car Of The Year

    MG Hector is an excellent car nice power and great comfort and just perfect for everything and the price is too reasonable.

    द्वारा y v gopala krishna
    On: Oct 04, 2019 | 18 Views
  • Good Looks

    I don't really know about the performance of MG Hector and other ratings of this car but if you talk about the looks.. perfection.. its beauty is its LED headlights and taillights. Its slim body gives a very VIP look. It's gorgeous in every way, although its width is a little bit weird but the cuttings and edges are so perfect that it just covers t...और पढ़ें

    द्वारा rajat डीप
    On: Oct 02, 2019 | 62 Views
  • Love This Car

    Wow-what an experience I just purchased an MG Hector sharp mt it was an excellent experience giving a mileage of 18 and pickup of the car is very nice and the internal feature of the car is just wow easy to use and the car is giving the best luxury look which is plus point is that the car is very nice and this car is not much expensive and I will s...और पढ़ें

    द्वारा aman bansal
    On: Sep 27, 2019 | 103 Views
  • The Trojan Hero !!!

    We Indians love SUV. MG Hector is one such product that feels strong and sturdy and huge like an SUV but drives like a car. Not an offroader at all but has a butch and strong on-road appeal like an SUV. Then with all those gizmos and airy cabin its just sheer pleasure to drive this beauty. And that ample boot space which could just help you out to ...और पढ़ें

    द्वारा baba
    On: Sep 27, 2019 | 66 Views
  • for Sharp AT

    A Must Car For SUV Lovers

    Best in class. MG Hector is far better from other SUV in this segment. It's very comfortable and doesn't make us tired at all. Went from Hyderabad to Tirupati a 14 hours drive was far comfortable with the family . I wanna rate it above 5 stars but no prob 5/5 is what it deserves. The MG Hector will rule the roads once all cars are out and people wi...और पढ़ें

    द्वारा madan
    On: Sep 26, 2019 | 5616 Views
  • Worst Product

    The MG Hector looks good and is tempting to buy as it offers a lot of great features at a significantly low price but the car has a severe problem which consumers may not come across very soon but some or the other day they may face many problems. The car's clutch plates are burning off. और पढ़ें

    द्वारा anonymous
    On: Sep 25, 2019 | 2360 Views
  • Powerful Car

    MG Hector is a good and powerful vehicle.As it has a powerful engine with great cc and power in a less amount of money. Just a remaining thing is an automatic variant, which is really needed. और पढ़ें

    द्वारा venkatesh ghule
    On: Sep 28, 2019 | 188 Views
  • A New Generation XUV

    Took a test drive of MG Hector. The driving experience was ok. Actual AC controller is what a customer likes because voice command is not upto the mark. Camera clarity was awful. Seemed like a gimmick. Comfort level was good. But this car comes with offers which Indian customer loves.  और पढ़ें

    द्वारा beantpreet singh
    On: Sep 25, 2019 | 2579 Views
  • Car Of The Year

    MG Hector is a Premium Car. The finish, the performance all look top-notch. It has Revolutionized the future car concept and has set a benchmark of how cars should be. At a great price, one shares great Specifications.  और पढ़ें

    द्वारा sunil sharma
    On: Sep 24, 2019 | 110 Views
  • Very Good Car

    MG Hector is a very high technology car, And I love it and this car price is also less as compared to its feature and this car is having nice ground clearance and this car is fabulous. और पढ़ें

    द्वारा jivanlala bothra
    On: Sep 29, 2019 | 84 Views
  • Awesome Car

    MG Hector is a brilliant car. MG Hector also knew as internet car is a car with a lot of features as well a big size than Kia seltos. Hector is a good family car according to me. So if anyone wants to buy a good family car, then MG hector is the best choice.  और पढ़ें

    द्वारा vishal sharma
    On: Sep 29, 2019 | 57 Views
  • Partner For Enthusiasm

    Bought MG Hector over compass because of its specifications,within my price range & it offers the same power as a compass. Cons -(small tyres, the suspension on the soft side so there is lack of high-speed stability) Pros -(looks, connectivity, steering setup it feels like driving a small car, huge moonroof ) fiat Multijet engine with good mid-ra...और पढ़ें

    द्वारा user
    On: Sep 23, 2019 | 24108 Views
  • Great Car, Not Perfect.

    I got my MG Hector Diesel Sharp on 1st August 2019 and I have driven for 2000 km. Overall car is great it has good road presence, pickup Is good, the turbo kicks in around 1500 rpm. I haven't experienced body roll as I have not cut any sharp corners yet. The screen is a bit slow. They need to improve the response time of the screen, also still wait...और पढ़ें

    द्वारा tarunveer singh
    On: Sep 22, 2019 | 157 Views
  • Amazing Car With Strong Built Quality

    MG Hector is an amazing car which is loaded with full of features. The car has awesome looks, DCT(dual-clutch transmission) is very smooth. This car has amazing safety features and strong built quality. The only drawback is its mileage, it is giving 7-8 in city and 11-12 on highways. और पढ़ें

    द्वारा anonymous
    On: Sep 24, 2019 | 2849 Views
  • Need For Speed

    MG Hector is one of the best Vehicle, riding this vehicle made me feel of need for speed Most wanted. The big console makes riding more comfortable and convenient. That "Hello MG" feature just took up my heart. One from Starting to end, that touch panel, console, and each thing is worth buying. It's like Gem in a budget range. और पढ़ें

    द्वारा nikhil hatwar
    On: Sep 24, 2019 | 1863 Views
  • Best Car Of India

    MG Hector is the best selling car as it has reached about 21 thousand bookings in India and is India's first internet car. This is my favourite car as it consists of my favourite features like a sunroof and responds to my speaking. It is good as it has options of petrol and diesel and gives better mileage. It has a big boot space and is my favourit...और पढ़ें

    द्वारा anonymous
    On: Sep 24, 2019 | 31 Views
  • Most Attractive Car In Market

    M.G. had recently entered the Indian markets and became the most popular company in less time. The features are given in the MG Hector are the best features than any other cars according to price and type. It is having bold look and also having the sporty interiors. The concept of the panoramic sunroof is good and having the biggest touchscreen. और पढ़ें

    द्वारा dhru rajani
    On: Sep 23, 2019 | 198 Views
  • Luxury Car Of The Year

    The design is awesome for MG Hector.This car comes with a panoramic sunroof which gives a feel as if you are sitting in a premium SUV. The internet, voice commands, and the 10inch touch screen are too good. और पढ़ें

    द्वारा rohith
    On: Sep 23, 2019 | 10 Views
  • Worth Every Penny.

    Drove the MG Hector one whole day. In traffic, highway and mud road. Great performance and smooth ride. Amazing features. Fully voice controlled. Even the windows. I was awestruck. The 10.1-inch touchscreen adds to the premium feel. The panoramic sunroof in the top version gives you a feel of riding a convertible. In short, worth every penny. और पढ़ें

    द्वारा nikhil thomas
    On: Sep 21, 2019 | 388 Views
  • Awesome Technology In Indian Market

    Yes, I was the first to buy MG Hector in Coimbatore. it is a superb car with all the technology. It has an awesome voice control and it is also full safety features with all around airbags and it has a massive boot space. Usually German is good at technology but MG Hector has the best tech in the world best it has 5g support with wifi and it is a c...और पढ़ें

    द्वारा prethwin
    On: Sep 20, 2019 | 95 Views
  • First Car Of MG In India

    It is the first car of MG in India. It has internet facility and has comfortable seats with very good pickup. The average is good, the engine is very high.

    द्वारा neetu totla
    On: Sep 21, 2019 | 20 Views
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