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Jeep Compass
204 रिव्यूज
Rs.20.49 - 32.07 लाख*
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पर बेस्ड 204 यूजर रिव्यू

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  • सभी (204)
  • Mileage (45)
  • Performance (53)
  • Looks (54)
  • Comfort (65)
  • Engine (31)
  • Interior (36)
  • Power (35)
  • Price (43)
  • और...
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  • User Friendly Technology

    It has a powerful engine and the petrol engine is quite smooth and the mid range performance is excellent but the mileage is low. This famous Jeep Compass is packed with User Friendly Technology and provides a very smooth ride and it has a muscular design and looks stunning and great. It has the most refined engine in the segment and a nice blend o...और देखें

    द्वारा saif
    On: Nov 21, 2023 | 207 Views
  • Iconic Design And Smooth Ride

    This iconic looking Jeep Compass is loaded with User Friendly Technology and gives a very smooth ride. It look gorgeous and outstanding and has a muscular design. It comes with the powerful engine and the petrol engine is very smooth and the mid range performance is the top notch quality but gives less mileage. It gets the most refined motor in the...और देखें

    द्वारा charu
    On: Nov 17, 2023 | 223 Views
  • The Affordable And Lexurious Car.on This Segment.

    The Jeep Compass is the most luxurious and comfortable car in its class, making it the best choice in this price range. You can't go wrong with this one.और देखें

    द्वारा mohit negi
    On: Nov 03, 2023 | 176 Views
  • Good Car

    While this car has a stylish and attractive appearance, it's worth noting that other mid-size SUVs in the 10 to 18 lakh price range offer a more extensive set of features. Ultimately, the choice of which one to pick comes down to personal preference and priorities.और देखें

    द्वारा piyush kumar
    On: Oct 30, 2023 | 273 Views
  • Good Performance

    It's a very comfortable car. The price range is good, providing value for money. The safety features are okay. It has a specially designed spacious interior.और देखें

    द्वारा asit kumar nayak
    On: Oct 17, 2023 | 102 Views
  • Jeep Compass Unleash Adventure In Every Drive

    The Jeep Compass captivates with its rugged design and off-road prowess. Its machine options deliver both power and effectiveness, while the suspense system ensures a smooth lift. The interior combines comfort with ultramodern technology seamlessly. Safety features are comprehensive, elevating its appeal. On-road and off-road performance remains em...और देखें

    द्वारा lisa
    On: Sep 26, 2023 | 192 Views
  • Iconic Look With User Friendly Technology

    Iconic look and Loaded with User Friendly Technology are comes with Jeep Compass SUV. It gets five star rating by the Euro NCAP for the safety. According to its safety features i think it should keep everyone safe in an unfortunate event of an accident. It offers enough power and it is a good mixture of performance and fuel efficiency. It has well ...और देखें

    द्वारा sahil
    On: Sep 13, 2023 | 244 Views
  • Jeep Compass Butch Looks With 4x4 Ability

    The Jeep Compass has an imposing butch design that attracts many. It gets a 2.0-liter diesel or 1.4-liter petrol engine. The diesel variant especially gives very good performance both in the city and on highways. Where the Compass shines the most is its excellent 4x4 ability to handle tough terrains. However, its ride quality is stiffer than regula...और देखें

    द्वारा chetan
    On: Sep 08, 2023 | 420 Views
  • Compass Is A Rugged And Powerful SUV

    Having driven the Jeep Compass, I can say with confidence that this SUV is a beast on the road. With a mileage of around 12 14 km/l, the Jeep Compass offers decent fuel efficiency for its size and power. The car's price point is a little on the higher side, but its powerful engine and rugged build make it worth the investment. Jeep Compass delivers...और देखें

    द्वारा naveen
    On: Aug 22, 2023 | 304 Views
  • Jeeeeepppppp

    The Jeep Compass is very good, but the price and maintenance are quite high. The looks are stylish, resembling a tiger's style. और देखें

    द्वारा faisal khan
    On: Aug 21, 2023 | 108 Views
  • Jeep Meridian Best SUV

    A classy and premium Jeep Compass A classy and premium SUV with BS6 phase 2 updates of Jeep Compass is something worth so much. The Jeep has come out with a bang in the market with luxurious touch to Compass. Yes, the Jeep Compass is one of the most expensive segment SUVs but there is the thing which is unbeatable by any big brand. Lus the limited ...और देखें

    द्वारा atul
    On: Aug 07, 2023 | 92 Views
  • Excellent Ride And Safe

    Yes, the price is a bit on the expensive side. But it is a luxury car. Drives like a luxury car with all possible safety features. The road stability is just awesome. Maintenance could be on a bit expensive side. But not prohibitive either. Every time you use it, you finish your drive with a smile on your face. If you are looking for a cost-competi...और देखें

    द्वारा sathish
    On: Aug 06, 2023 | 232 Views
  • India's Most Trusted SUV

    Jeep Compass is one of the best cars in terms of looks with seven slat grille, outstanding build quality, gets electronic parking brake as standard, the best safety features from the base model, 1.4-litre turbo petrol has outstanding performance in manual transmission with a 6-speed gearbox and gearbox is very easy and slick to use, great handling ...और देखें

    द्वारा vineet sharma
    On: Aug 05, 2023 | 78 Views
  • Brand New Compass

    The brand-new Compass has an 8.4-inch UConnect Infotainment screen that is bigger, a dual-pane panoramic sunroof, sumptuous leather upholstery, and an 8-way powered driver's seat. The new Compass is quick, interesting, lively, and a lot of fun. Off-road, it is surprisingly agile and competent. Let's just go ahead and applaud FCA India right now if ...और देखें

    द्वारा helen
    On: Aug 02, 2023 | 140 Views
  • Compass Is A Capable And Luxurious SUV

    The Jeep Compass is known for its tough and stylish appearance, as well as its off-road capabilities The interior is of high exceptional, with strong switchgear, piano black and chrome finishes, and a richly crafted steering The Compass additionally has an all-new infotainment system, fully digital instrument cluster, wireless charging, and a panor...और देखें

    द्वारा deepika
    On: Jul 24, 2023 | 169 Views
  • Planning To Buy The Jeep Compass

    Jeep Compass also receives a revised suspension for better handling and a revised interior with more standard equipment. The Compass uses a 172 hp (128 kW) 2.4 L World I4 gasoline engine. Small overlap front, Moderate overlap front, Roof, Head restraints and seating is good. pros: 1)True Jeep With Premium Brand Positioning 2)Manual Gearbox With Bot...और देखें

    द्वारा bava samyuka sv
    On: Jun 28, 2023 | 163 Views
  • Jeep Compass Looks Beautiful

    The all-new Jeep Compass has been and has always been the best in the segment Now more or so because of the perfect engine developed by Jeep which gives excellent mileage and the best off-roading with cruising experience altogether in one car The instrument cluster and the infotainment are fully digital along with eight different kinds of switch op...और देखें

    द्वारा gautam
    On: Jun 28, 2023 | 281 Views
  • Certainly A Good SUV

    The Jeep Compass is certainly a good SUV. Its tough and sleek look, as well as its off-road capabilities, make it an appealing option. However, when I pondered buying it, the price became an impediment. The luxury features and brand prestige of the Compass came at a greater price, which surpassed my budget. It was disappointing because I really lik...और देखें

    द्वारा priyanka
    On: Jun 20, 2023 | 481 Views
  • Car With A Style

    Excellent car to move on all types of roads in India. Exquisite design. Excellent comfort inside. Have all the necessary features that can be found on a high pricing car. The best part is the design of the wheels. I can go on staring at it forever. Such a beautiful car at such an affordable price. An all-rounder in the car industry.और देखें

    द्वारा suvojit chatterjee
    On: Jun 10, 2023 | 115 Views
  • Jeep Compass Is A Bit Expensive

    Jeep has established a standard of giving worth value deals to its customer. And honestly, I love my Jeep Compass. I have been eyeing this gem for a long and finally, I own a Jeep Compass. I bought it from Delhi at a price of 22lacs ex-showroom, and the sport 2.0 Diesel variant in white color. I know it's a bit on the expensive side but it is one o...और देखें

    द्वारा karthik
    On: Jun 01, 2023 | 652 Views
  • Buy At Your Own Risk

    Dear Jeep India, You had plans to discontinue the Jeep Compass Petrol models in May 2023, and in March 2023, You deceived me by selling me your Petrol model at full price and keeping me in the dark during the whole sale process. I would like to know why shouldn't a customer buying a new vehicle be informed that the said model is going out of produc...और देखें

    द्वारा tarit mohan
    On: May 29, 2023 | 1271 Views
  • Jeep Compass Not All Features Are Included

    Jeep Compass Not all features are included, more equipment is required to make the price tag and give it an advantage. Rear passenger area - Insufficient elbow room prevents three people from sitting there easily. The Compass's most costly models can be quite pricey.और देखें

    द्वारा debasree
    On: Apr 05, 2023 | 1596 Views
  • Jeep Compass Looked Incredibly Alluring

    Jeep compass Looked incredibly alluring, and the performance was excellent. The display room is fine but a little careless, and the turbo xv premium was very good, 360-degree camera and also indicators front same bmw finishing very good mileage also, notably turbo engine pickup was good, fully superb vehicle Worthy Pricing.और देखें

    द्वारा rinku arora
    On: Mar 14, 2023 | 753 Views
  • Jeep Comfort And Features And Performance.

    The Jeep Wrangler features a wonderful and incredibly powerful engine that provides outstanding performance as well. I got this for off-roading and lengthy trips, But it's also incredibly comfortable for short trips around cities. The price is somewhat above normal, And the mileage is about average.और देखें

    द्वारा priyanshu singh
    On: Feb 18, 2023 | 1102 Views
  • Jeep Compass Is The Best

    Starting at 19.27 lacs and going up to 32.22 lacs ex-showroom, the pricing range is affordable because Compass delivers everything in high-quality. Completely rebuilt cabin, revised external design, and more. Jeep Compass is the best of the best.और देखें

    द्वारा prasanth chowdary
    On: Jan 17, 2023 | 1189 Views
  • Compass Provides Sturdy Built Quality

    Jeep Compass is a good SUV with sturdy construction. The only drawback is the lack of functionality in the base model at this pricing. According to what I've heard, maintenance is quite expensive. There is decent visibility and a nice back-view camera. While maneuvering in city traffic might be challenging, interstate cruising is preferable. Better...और देखें

    द्वारा ashwin chandra
    On: Jan 10, 2023 | 1604 Views
  • Better Options Available In The Market

    Jeep Compass is stylish, spacious, reasonably well-finished, packed with technology, and projects a solid image behind the Jeep badge and branding. The powertrains, on the other hand, leave a lot to be desired - the e-Hybrid system is clumsy, so you can better cars at this price. Having said that, the Compass is stylish, spacious, reasonably well-f...और देखें

    द्वारा vijay meena
    On: Dec 16, 2022 | 2143 Views
  • Best Car Ever

    The price range starts from 19.27lakh and goes up to 32.22lakh ex-showroom, which is value for money as Compass offers everything with premium quality. Fully new cabin and tweaked style exterior along with many more. Not one car can match up to the speed of the Compass on even roads and high terrain rough roads. The best of the best is Co...और देखें

    द्वारा zaheer khan
    On: Nov 03, 2022 | 727 Views
  • Overall A Good Vehicle

    I have Jeep Compass longitude 2.0 diesel manual, drove it for 35000+ km in one year. As a car it has amazing power and handling, issues are something that hurts me a lot, like no rear recline seat - as seats are too reclined to the straight position, it doesn't give comfort for long rides. Would have gone to limited options for more features just J...और देखें

    द्वारा sarthak sharan
    On: Oct 26, 2022 | 2212 Views
  • Nice Vehicle

    I have a Jeep Compass it's a very nice vehicle from Jeep motors I am happy but the price of the car is too high. I can invest 10 lakhs more and I can get a Toyota Fortuner base variant but after 1 and half years, the colour is like dull yellow.और देखें

    द्वारा imran hussain
    On: Sep 14, 2022 | 3509 Views
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What आईएस the CSD कीमत का the जीप Compass?

srijan asked on 21 Nov 2023

The exact information regarding the CSD prices of the car can be only available ...

और देखें
By Cardekho experts on 21 Nov 2023

What आईएस the wheelbase का the जीप Compass?

Prakash asked on 19 Oct 2023

The wheelbase of the Jeep Compass is 2636mm.

By Cardekho experts on 19 Oct 2023

जीप Compass? में How many colours are available

Prakash asked on 7 Oct 2023

The Jeep Compass is available in 7 different colours - Grigio Magnesio Grey, Pea...

और देखें
By Cardekho experts on 7 Oct 2023

What आईएस the माइलेज का the जीप Compass?

Prakash asked on 22 Sep 2023

The Compass mileage is 13.8 to 17.3 kmpl. The Manual Diesel variant has a mileag...

और देखें
By Cardekho experts on 22 Sep 2023

What are the सुरक्षा फ़ीचर का the जीप Compass?

Prakash asked on 22 Sep 2023

On the safety front, it gets ABS with EBD, up to six airbags, electronic stabili...

और देखें
By Cardekho experts on 22 Sep 2023

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जीप कंपास का कर्ब वेट 1705 किग्रा है।

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जीप कंपास has2 zone

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