एमजी 3 के स्पेसिफिकेशन

MG 3
17 रिव्यूज
Rs.6 लाख*
*अनुमानित कीमत
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3 के स्पेसिफिकेशन, फीचर और कीमत

एमजी 3 के साथ 1 पेट्रोल इंजन का ऑप्शन मिलता है। इसके पेट्रोल इंजन 1498 सीसी का है। यह मैनुअल ट्रांसमिशन के साथ उपलब्ध है।

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एमजी 3 के मुख्य स्पेसिफिकेशन

fuel typeपेट्रोल
इंजन डिस्पलेसमेंट (सीसी)1498
सिलेंडर की संख्या4
सीटिंग कैपेसिटी5
ट्रांसमिशन टाइपमैनुअल
बॉडी टाइपहैचबैक

एमजी 3 के स्पेसिफिकेशन

इंजन और ट्रांसमिशन

डिस्पलेसमेंट (सीसी)
The displacement of an engine is the total volume of all of the cylinders in the engine. Measured in cubic centimetres (cc)
सिलेंडर की संख्या
ICE engines have one or more cylinders. More cylinders typically mean more smoothness and more power, but it also means more moving parts and less fuel efficiency.
वॉल्व प्रति सिलेंडर
Valves let air and fuel into the cylinders of a combustion engine. More valves typically make more power and are more efficient.
regenerative ब्रेकिंगनहीं
ट्रांसमिशन टाइपमैनुअल
माइल्ड हाइब्रिड
A mild hybrid car, also known as a micro hybrid or light hybrid, is a type of internal combustion-engined car that uses a small amount of electric energy for assist.
उपलब्ध नहीं
गलत विवरण की रिपोर्ट करें

फ्यूल और परफॉर्मेंस

fuel typeपेट्रोल
गलत विवरण की रिपोर्ट करें

डायमेंशन और क्षमता

लम्बाई (मिलीमीटर)
The distance from a car's front tip to the farthest point in the back.
चौड़ाई (मिलीमीटर)
The width of a car is the horizontal distance between the two outermost points of the car, typically measured at the widest point of the car, such as the wheel wells or the rearview mirrors
ऊंचाई (मिलीमीटर)
The height of a car is the vertical distance between the ground and the highest point of the car. It can decide how much space a car has along with it's body type and is also critical in determining it's ability to fit in smaller garages or parking spaces
सीटिंग कैपेसिटी5
व्हील बेस (मिलीमीटर)
Distance from the centre of the front wheel to the centre of the rear wheel. A longer wheelbase is better for stability and also allows more passenger space on the inside.
डोर की संख्या5
गलत विवरण की रिपोर्ट करें
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एमजी 3 के कंफर्ट यूज़र रिव्यू

पर बेस्ड17 यूजर रिव्यू
  • सभी (17)
  • Comfort (6)
  • Mileage (5)
  • Engine (3)
  • Space (1)
  • Power (6)
  • Performance (3)
  • Seat (2)
  • More ...
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  • Nice Car

    This car is amazing and comfortable, with top-notch safety features. The color options are good too....और देखें

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  • Perfect Rival To Baleno

    I drive an MG3 in England and boy!! What a car it is. The car has an awesome mileage which is really...और देखें

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  • My Favourite MG3

    MG3 is a slim smart and stylish car with a powerful engine, mileage safety and comfort are amazing. ...और देखें

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  • Overall Great Car

    MG 3 provides a complete package of power and performance. great comfort level while long driving, I...और देखें

    द्वारा aryan bhardwaj
    On: Jun 12, 2022 | 2795 Views
  • Nice Car

    The vehicle comes with good power and performance, the mileage is also decent and it is very comfort...और देखें

    द्वारा user
    On: May 12, 2022 | 72 Views
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एमजी 3 की अनुमानित कीमत/ प्राइस क्या है?

एमजी 3 की अनुमानित कीमत Rs. 6 Lakh* रुपए होने की उम्मीद है

एमजी 3 की अनुमानित तारीख क्या है?

एमजी 3 की अनुमानित तारीख फरवरी 06, 2025 है

क्या एमजी 3 में सनरूफ मिलता है ?

एमजी 3 में सनरूफ नहीं मिलता है।

एमजी 3? में Do we get auto gear

sri asked on 3 Sep 2021

It would be too ealry to give a verdict here as the MG Motor 3 is yet to be laun...

और देखें
By Cardekho experts on 3 Sep 2021

What आईएस the actual launch date?

Hardial asked on 6 Mar 2021

As of now, there is no official update available from the brand's end. Stay ...

और देखें
By Cardekho experts on 6 Mar 2021

touch screen और it आईएस how many seater. में What the mg3 it's also उपलब्ध

Shivam asked on 19 Jul 2020

As of now, the brand hasn't revealed the complete details. So we would sugge...

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By Cardekho experts on 19 Jul 2020

India? में What आईएस the एमजी Motor 3 कीमत सूची

Nigam asked on 8 May 2020

As of now, the brand hasn't revealed the complete details about the MG Motor...

और देखें
By Cardekho experts on 8 May 2020

How many वेरिएंट does एमजी 3

N.adinarayana asked on 15 Apr 2020

As of now, the brand has not revealed the complete details of the car so we woul...

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By Cardekho experts on 15 Apr 2020

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    Rs.65 लाखसंभावित कीमत
    अनुमानित लॉन्च: अप्रैल 15, 2024
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