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Mercedes-Benz GLS
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  • for Maybach 600 4MATIC

    Comfortable Car

    The GLS features a bold and imposing design with a strong presence on the road. It has an excellent design with a comfortable interior.

    द्वारा veera official
    On: May 25, 2023 | 29 Views
  • for Maybach 600 4MATIC

    Luxury Car

    The Mercedes-Benz GLS offers a combination of luxury, performance, and advanced technology. It is a spacious and comfortable SUV that provides a smooth and refined driving experience, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a high-end SUV with top-notch features.और देखें

    द्वारा kartik shetiya
    On: May 20, 2023 | 45 Views
  • Benz GLS Is A Ideal SUV

    Mercedes Benz GLS is my ideal SUV, but I've come to see that it needs extra safety systems, like radar cruise control, as standard equipment. It is essential for using US highways when driving. I enjoy the Twin Turbo (TT). Push the throttle and you'll feel it; there is no turbo lag. I had competed in a couple of races with Beemers. If you drive one...और देखें

    द्वारा cyril
    On: May 08, 2023 | 118 Views
  • Best Car

    The features are best and I'm satisfied with performance and comfort but the mileage and maintenance cost is something I don't like about this car. Safety in this car is top-class.और देखें

    द्वारा omesh giri
    On: May 07, 2023 | 121 Views
  • Good Car In This Price Range

    It is a very awesome car with good safety, and it gives good comfort. It has luxurious look and as per the price it is a good car.

    द्वारा aditya
    On: Mar 22, 2023 | 58 Views
  • Mercedes-Benz GLS Great Car

    The Mercedes-Benz GLS is the S-Class of SUVs thanks to its cutting-edge features and technology. The new GLS is fitted with Mercedes' newest MBUX connection interface and comes with a tonne of creature amenities. Additionally, it provides unparalleled road presence and the finest internal space in the market.और देखें

    द्वारा ekhwan ahmed
    On: Jan 24, 2023 | 125 Views
  • Mercedes-Benz GLS Has A Royal Look

    I'm quite happy that I purchased this expensive car. Supercars are like this one. Driving seems so comfortable to me. In red, it resembles a tale. It's a seven-seat luxury SUV. There are three variations of it. A single automatic transmission and three BS6-compliant engine choices are available.  It appears to be a really genuine royal automob...और देखें

    द्वारा aditya giri
    On: Jan 06, 2023 | 164 Views
  • Very Good App

    The very good app gives excellent information about any vehicle and tells about the best offers and prices I am very impressed by this app even though I used it for the past years and have not any complaints about this but in many luxury segments cars it does not show the interior 360° view so please solve it quickly and overall this is a...और देखें

    द्वारा harsh wardhan singh
    On: Dec 15, 2022 | 90 Views
  • Mercedes GLS Is A Good Car With The Best Luxury

    It is a good car with the best luxury features. It's a powerful, stylish, and off-road-capable car. It's a good car for family trips.

    द्वारा bikram chowdhury
    On: Nov 13, 2022 | 66 Views
  • Mercedes GLS Is A Fantastic Car

    The Mercedes GLS is a fantastic car, but I don't think it's an S class like Mercedes claims. It's just not as good as an S class in terms of comfort. A great example of this is that in the normal S class there is a feature where the car will then off the engine silently and turn in silently for a quiet stop while in the GLS the start and stop ...और देखें

    द्वारा user
    On: Aug 12, 2022 | 243 Views
  • Awesome SUV And Interior

    Best Luxurious car in India. The mileage is good. I like its advanced features. The interior is very nice and helpful. Best family car forever. I have GLS 350D. I dislike only its maintenance cost.और देखें

    द्वारा veer patel
    On: Jan 25, 2022 | 697 Views
  • Great 7 Seated Luxury SUV

    Great 7 seated SUV with latest and luxury specs but the absence of electronic adaptive air suspension disappoints which makes ride over uneven roads a bitty rough otherwise very comfortable and spacious.और देखें

    द्वारा saurabh srivastava
    On: Jan 22, 2021 | 164 Views
  • A Truely Family Partner

    GLS is a perfect suitable family car, massive size and mainly it grabs so much attention. Features wise no doubt, all required features are present. surely if u have that much budget so you should surely go with this beauty.और देखें

    द्वारा rameshbhai
    On: Jan 10, 2021 | 117 Views
  • Feature And Convenience

    This is a premium 7 seater SUV but it can't offer twin rear infotainment display and massage seats also. In this segment, BMW x7 offers massage seats and twin rear display.और देखें

    द्वारा ladani prayag
    On: Jan 02, 2021 | 92 Views
  • Superb Mercedes Car With Best Features In Class

    I am happy to share my reviews about Mercedes Benz GLS Car. I bought this car and this is really a good car with Cruise Control. I loved it from day one, I didn't face any problem. It is a very good car and its suspension was good and comfortable to ride. It has good mileage also. It is the best 7 seater SUV Car by Mercedes Benz.और देखें

    द्वारा ramesh paswan
    On: Oct 06, 2020 | 127 Views
  • Best Family Car With Luxury.

    I bought a perfect car to drive on city roads in traffic with easy overtakes and has the perfect length for small roads and the newly designed GLS car has an attractive headlight and Automatic Climate Control. It is nice and easy to drive. I gifted this car to my father on his wedding anniversary and now he is very happy with that car.और देखें

    द्वारा sambhav jain
    On: Oct 06, 2020 | 105 Views
  • A Perfect Luxury SUV

    A perfect luxury SUV for Indian roads. I have got the new GLS in the month of March and, it's not only a sure head-turner by its elegant design. The new technology feature and the innovative infotainment system is simply exceptional. The navigation is by far the best ever on any car across all segments.और देखें

    द्वारा jodhpur trip
    On: Jul 20, 2020 | 158 Views
  • Heavy Priced Underrated Pickup And Heavy Maintenance

    The pickup is also not good and heavily priced var. They are not providing ventilated seats and massage functions, swinging suspension which is very useful in the off-road.  No sports mode only comfort, eco, off-road modes are available. The most underrated Suv with a heavy price tag. I would suggest going with BMW X7 then this with the same p...और देखें

    द्वारा drajaykrishnareddy
    On: Jun 20, 2020 | 194 Views
  • Great Car.

    High cost but the best car in the segment. The best SUV considering luxury, safety, and style.

    द्वारा tushar patil
    On: Jan 27, 2020 | 47 Views
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Mercedes-Benz GLS? में How many colours are available

Abhijeet asked on 23 Apr 2023

Mercedes-Benz GLS is available in 14 different colours - Brilliant Blue, Designo...

और देखें
By Cardekho experts on 23 Apr 2023

What आईएस the सीटें capacity का the Benz GLS?

Abhijeet asked on 14 Apr 2023

While the standard GLS can seat up to seven people, the Maybach GLS can seat fiv...

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By Cardekho experts on 14 Apr 2023

Which कार आईएस better between Mercedes Benz जीएलएस और बीएमडब्ल्यू X7?

Shiv asked on 22 Jun 2022

Maybach has always been a flavor for those who are understated and classy. It...

और देखें
By Cardekho experts on 22 Jun 2022

What is the fuel type, is this an electric car?

test asked on 11 Apr 2022

The third-gen GLS is provided with both petrol and diesel engines. The GLS 400 d...

और देखें
By Cardekho experts on 11 Apr 2022

Where this car is available?

Krishna asked on 1 Feb 2022

For the availability and waiting period, we would suggest you to please connect ...

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By Cardekho experts on 1 Feb 2022

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मर्सिडीज जीएलएस का कर्ब वेट 2460kg किग्रा है।

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मर्सिडीज जीएलएस has5 zone

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    Rs.2 करोड़संभावित कीमत
    अनुमानित लॉन्च: जून 15, 2023
  • amg sl
    amg sl
    Rs.2 करोड़संभावित कीमत
    अनुमानित लॉन्च: जून 22, 2023
  • जीएलसी 2023
    जीएलसी 2023
    Rs.60 लाखसंभावित कीमत
    अनुमानित लॉन्च: अगस्त 20, 2023
  • ईक्यूए
    Rs.60 लाखसंभावित कीमत
    अनुमानित लॉन्च: सितंबर 05, 2023
  • जीएलसी कूपे 2023
    जीएलसी कूपे 2023
    Rs.65 लाखसंभावित कीमत
    अनुमानित लॉन्च: नवंबर 01, 2023

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