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नैनो ऑटोमेटिक - Better than any अन्य कार for सिटी driving

vinit vikas on जून 09, 2018

Nano Automatic - Better than any other car for City driving

Recently bought Nano automatic. Although I have Figo and Ecosport automatic, Nano is my favorite for city drive. Nano story would be remembered in management books as greatest case study where an engineering marvel was maid to fail by wrong marketing campaigns. Entire focus of Nano marketing was on getting two wheeler users to upgrade to Nano. Why would they, when they can simply afford a bigger second hand car. Nano is not best suited for first time car buyers as its suited for second car buyers. There is no better car than Nano automatic in Indian market for city traffic conditions. I relish it every Day as it helps me save about 15 min on my 20km city traffic drive. But I feel sorry for Ratan Tata and other Nano engineers whose great efforts failed due to wrong product positioning by Nano marketing team. Here is what I love about Nano 1. Small Width - Helps me squeeze through leftmost part of road and narrow road conditions due to illegal parking, people occupying multiple lanes to turn right on signal, metro work 2. Small length - Very easy to park in remaining space between a parked car and open gate where most bigger/longer cars can't fit. I call them exclusive Nano parking spots 3. Big Window - Tall seating and large windows make minimize visual obstructions while driving/riding. Feels like you are on bike but without the noise and pollution of road. 4. Right pickup for city conditions - Nano automatic in sport mode has just the right pickup for city driving conditions which allows you to go into those open gaps between cars without making it too much where you need to immediately apply breaks 5. Good AC - AC is very powerful and even in peak Hyd summer, I can't keep it on max cool for too long as it gets very cold 6. Tall Seating - Tall seating is more comfortable, gives better view of the road and getting in and out is easy. I hate getting in and out of sedan and hatchbacks. 7. Power Steering - Very light and easy to operate with one hand in traffic. 8. Speakers - Good car speakers 9. No big bonnet - You have perfect judgement of road ahead, making it easy to move across lanes when you are stuck in traffic. 10. High ground clearance - Those bad roads and rough side patches are no concern when driving nano due to its 180mm and short wheelbase 11. Sport mode - This is the mode for regular car driving. Economy is only for mileage fans. Some negatives 1. Car Bluetooth Microphone - Peaks up lot of noise and people on other side can't hear clearly. I use a portable bose speaker with microphone. 2. Image - Thanks to Tata's Marketing geniuses, this car has so poor image that people feel it's weird to drive this car. I know people in Bangalore who want this comfort but buy Mahindra E2O over this car due to image issue. 3. Don't make a turn in it at high speed, it may topple. I met a guy whose nano toppled during a steep turn on highway exit Overall - If you are looking already have a big car / SUV etc but tired of driving it and looking for something in city driving conditions, look no further. There is no better alternative in market irrespective of how much you are ready pay. Best part is, most fantastic car for city driving is cheapest car to own as well. Some requests to Tata Motors 1. Please release new version with following features a. More sound insulation b. Android auto & apple carplay (lift and shift from Nexon) like Renault did it. We should be able to take conf calls from car. 2. Fire your current marketing team and start a fresh marketing campaign focused on second car buyers who need car for city use. Focus on easy of parking and livability and how it's better than bigger cars instead of focusing on how it's better than bike. Work hard to improve image of car. 3. Reduce the price by at-least 50k. Not worth of 4L 4. Add reverse parking camera with dashcam as dealer side accessory

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  • P
    pavan kumar on Apr 22, 2019

    Best For The Price

    Good mileage, good in maintenance and best AMT than in this segment. Built up quality is average and only for city use. Lots of effort to climb a small hill when 4 seats are occupied. और देखें

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  • V
    vasudev on Apr 17, 2019

    Amazing Car


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  • A
    arvid on Apr 13, 2019

    Mere India ki Nano

    Nano is my dream car. After a gap of one and half year booking due to shifting of Nano plant from West Bengal to Gujarat. It is very easy to drive in any type of roads and traffic and one good thing a...और देखें

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  • C
    chaitanya pardeshi on Apr 13, 2019

    Best In This Range

    Very comfortable drive and pickup are awesome of Nano, speed is good, AC is not that good, other than that, this is the best. Power steering is also good for Nano.और देखें

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  • A
    ahmed aamer on Apr 05, 2019

    Tata Nano Comforts All. Best For A Small Family

    I give 5 stars to my Tata Nano car because of its first class cheapest car that most of the families in India could afford to travel with family. Nano is comfortable and fit but as we are increasing m...और देखें

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  • T
    taran singh on Mar 27, 2019

    Best Personal Experience. Love TATA for Nano.

    Dear Viewers, I bought used nano in 2015, live in Jaipur, Rajasthan. In short, it is the most money value car in everything(leave in resale) If you're going for a family trip. It'll be cheaper from an...और देखें

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  • A
    arun srikumar on Mar 19, 2019

    Car for all: Compact 'n' sleek...

    Want to relish the complete experience of urban rides and stylishly swag through the slow-moving traffic? Then TATA NANO is the ultimate choice for you. Just as its name suggests, it's compact structu...और देखें

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  • K
    karan tailor on Mar 15, 2019

    Excellent car

    It is an excellent car, storage is quite low, but it is great in low budget.

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