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OLA Electric Car
12 रिव्यूज
Rs.40 लाख*
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  • It Could Be A Great Choice

    A sculpted front bumper, twin-pod LED headlights on either side, an LED strip running the length of the fascia, and a sleek front end are all features of the Ola electric...और देखें

    द्वारा nripen das
    On: Dec 02, 2022 | 69 Views
  • Lack of Infrastructure

    There is no doubt that India lacks in terms of charging stations, though we are seeing improvements in major cities if I'm from some small town and want to invest in the ...और देखें

    द्वारा rihaan khan
    On: Nov 25, 2022 | 66 Views
  • Ola Electric Is A Best Looking Car

    The interior of the future Ola electric car makes it clear that Ola is opting for a minimalist look. For their products to appear futuristic, the majority of EV manufactu...और देखें

    द्वारा shivpal
    On: Nov 24, 2022 | 91 Views
  • Desperately Waiting For This Beauty

    Features that contribute to maximum performance include maximum range with a top speed. Moods, music, and modes all in one with classic design. Desperately waiting f...और देखें

    द्वारा amit mishra
    On: Nov 08, 2022 | 40 Views
  • Ola Electric Car

    Some interior components are visible despite the Ola Electric car's interior being mostly obscured in shadow. The first interior element noticed is the two-spoke steering...और देखें

    द्वारा ramesh rana
    On: Nov 01, 2022 | 53 Views
  • Modern Car For Modern People- Ola Electric

    Ola has entered the market of selling its own cars and scooter models and is coming with a bang. The expected time for this electric vehicle to launch is in mid of Decemb...और देखें

    द्वारा kishan mehta
    On: Oct 28, 2022 | 128 Views
  • It's Our Future Car

    It's our future car, with most of the features and premium styling. I like the car so much, and I love its features and styling of the car. It is available up to a minimu...और देखें

    द्वारा villain
    On: Sep 11, 2022 | 226 Views
  • It's Price Is Relevant

    It's price relevant and also cheap than others. Its interior is also good and its steering gives a gaming effect to the driver.

    द्वारा sejal painter k
    On: May 04, 2022 | 56 Views
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ओला इलेक्ट्रिक कार की अनुमानित कीमत Rs. 40 Lakh* रुपए होने की उम्मीद है

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  • एमजी 4 ईवी
    एमजी 4 ईवी
    Rs.30 लाखसंभावित कीमत
    अनुमानित लॉन्च: अप्रैल 15, 2024
  • निसान लीफ
    निसान लीफ
    Rs.30 लाखसंभावित कीमत
    अनुमानित लॉन्च: फरवरी 15, 2025
  • जिम्नी
    Rs.10 - 12.70 लाखसंभावित कीमत
    अनुमानित लॉन्च: जून 15, 2023
  • एक्सटर
    Rs.6 लाखसंभावित कीमत
    अनुमानित लॉन्च: जुलाई 10, 2023
  • eva
    Rs.7 लाखसंभावित कीमत
    अनुमानित लॉन्च: मार्च 15, 2024
  • थार 5-डोर
    थार 5-डोर
    Rs.15 लाखसंभावित कीमत
    अनुमानित लॉन्च: मार्च 15, 2024
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