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How is the performance of Hyundai Santa Fe?

Performance wise Hyundai Santa Fe is the most powerful in its segment as it is getting the R 2.2 Litre CRDi diesel engine motor which has the capability to produce maximum power of 197bhp at 3800rpm and yields a peak torque output of 420.7 Nm in the range of 1800 to 2500 rpm. The maximum torque output in automatic trims comes to 436.39Nm that ranges between 1800 to 2500 rpm that is quite good for Indian road and traffic conditions. Now in fuel efficiency of car as the diesel motor of Automatic transmission version of diesel gives a mileage of 14.6kmpl on highways and 11.3 kmpl in city, whereas manual transmission provide 11.72 kmpl on highways and 8.35kmpl in city. The motor feels best at moderate speeds and even the throttle response is smoother. It comprises of four cylinders and sixteen valves using double overhead camshaft based valve configuration and  engine displacement of 2199cc. Off-roading is a breeze in the all new Santa Fe and you really dont feel that you are sitting in such a big car. There is body-roll present but it only comes in when you push it really hard around corners. The suitably placed suspensions filter most of the bumps and one only feels large undulations of road.   

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