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Dear Concerned This refers to my buying experience for my new car purchased in October 2012, i.e Honda Brio (VMT) from Emerald Cars Pvt. Ltd. * Buying Guide At first, I was a bit skeptical about buying a newly launched car by Honda Cars, coming as a new entrant to the hatchback segment. My options at that time included Maruti Swift, Hyundai I10 and others.My experience of visiting Emerald Cars showroom for a Brio test drive was not only fulfilled efficiently, but I was briefed thoroughly about the features of the car, largely being the Honda DNA.No car is a 100%, I had reservations about the rear design of the car, glass occupying a larger area; however the strength of the glass, confidence of the Sales advisor in his product lineup and courtesy follow-up even after the sale, trust in a brand like Honda made me neglect the said perception.My interactions with the owner of the dealership made me feel secure while purchasing the vehicle. Their knowledge regarding the product, experience with the brand - Honda, involvement with the client for their decision making, all had an impact at the end. In fact I ended up buying 4 Honda Brio’s and 1 Honda City (Honda City in Dec’14)* Brio – It Loves you backIt’s a machine made to perform. I have driven various cars till date, Brio has no match as far as its peppy engine performance is concerned. Its revs beautifully, smooth as silk, and mileage is something that would make you smile. It can go on and on and stand as a winner against a brand saying “Kitna Deti Hai “I have already done 115000 ( 1 lakh fifteen thousand Kms ) on my brio in 3 years. I have no plans to discard this car before I see the odo meter reading 1.50 lakhs.All aspects have been taken care of while producing this beauty. Fine detailing make me feel good, which in this case are many* The Odo meter light would dim once you switch on the head lights in the evening, giving your eyes that ease to concentrate on road.* The 2 din music system works wonders. When launched in 2012, it would be first in the segment to have this quality of sound, I am sure.* Comfortable seats to not make you feel fatigue in long runs. I do 200 kms a day and I bet on my words.* Car Keys when compared to other car manufacturers would make u feel wow. The finish has been taken car of genuinely. After Sales Service – To keep your car as new as you bought Service intervals on my Brio happen every 10000 Kms, which I adhere to invariably. I have done 10 oil changes in my 1 lakh kms and nothing apart from the regular maintenance book has been followed.Longevity of parts is handsome :-I have not even changed the coolant on my brio till date. I referred the Honda Booklet and it assured me for 2 lakh KMS or 10 yrs, which ever is earlier. Well I am not going to have both anyway. Cheers. Surprisingly, 2 of my Brio’s radial are still doing their duty even after 1 lakh kms done. Well I deserve a laud for this, for a change.Service advisors know their job pretty well. They would never run after you to change every other part of the car. Infact I have have received calls from them , letting me know that there is no need to change the oil as of now, it would last for about 2000-3000 kms more. What more do you want when you have some one taking care of your possession.I have just paid for the regular services, and do not remember any incident that I have been charged heavily for a worn out part. I can say they have priced their parts genuinely, considering the no of KMS they add to the life of the vehicle.Special thanks to Honda Engineers for keeping my car running till date. I feel I have just bought it.To sum it up I shall want to laud all who have been behind making this little wonder. Honda team should be proud of this little beauty. I just wish Honda does a volume game with this car. It has all the ingredients to beat the rest, hands down.Honda Cars India have been doing a wonderful job of serving their customer, and I wish them all the very best for all their tasks associated with Honda Cars.RegardsMohnish AsnaniA proud Honda Owner09925388663

द्वारा mohnish asnani
On: अगस्त 16, 2016 | 1262 Views
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    Dear Concerned This refers to my buying experience for my new car purchased in October 2012, i.e Hon...और देखें

    द्वारा mohnish asnani
    On: Aug 16, 2016 | 1261 Views
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