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What started as ए स्पार्क did sparkle!

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What started as a spark did sparkle!

We always love when the underdog overcomes all the hurdles and reaches the finish line. In fact, we lift the gleaming trophy with them, in our minds! Such was my feeling when my "Sparkie" arrived at our home after winning the hearts of everyone in my family. My wife bowled over by the higher stance & plush ride (for its price), mom knocked off by the roomy cabin & practicality and finally, the 'not-so-forgiving' dad praising his simple-n-neat interiors. Needless to say, I was the first wicket to go...ha ha. Heck, even my friends who looked down at first started realizing the value-for-money soon after.....the compact yet city friendly nature, 1-liter engine, decent mileage, and the space factor. All those add-ons (read music system, 4-door power windows, leather seat cover, and remote keys) were great fits. Well, who isn't excited at the beginning...everyone is. But, let me tell you, things went well after that too...actually pretty well. Nope, I am not exaggerating...there's no need to. I know Chevy doesn't sell a gazillion copies of it each month but my long search-n-research for car purchase did pay off. Having driven nearly 20,000 kilometers, I now can say that this commuter is worth it... FOR ME; I am not the one wanting any bragging rights for owning resale champs. Actually, there is no meaning in celebrating something after it has left you. The fact is, it should make you happier and you should cherish it for that. My adoration for his engine refinement and wonderful suspension would literally outlive him! I have enjoyed those traits time and again. Now, not even the most upbeat films end without a villain. Here, there are a few. In their alphabetic order; after sales service, cabin cooling. mediocre at best, FE not in the teens I am waiting to see the coming of age, safety options ? not even optional, seating is for four unless you have a 5-member family who is all fan of skinny jeans (I will nominate you for Academy if you have). Not always can you shell these villains and bubble them in the air. At times, you just have to walk away, take a side step and move on in life. Being proactive, practical, calm (?those racing nerves), and driving safely can keep you away from them...far away. I have been able to and that's what keeps this ride a pleasant one. Not that the thought of villains won't pop up again but I have moved on and remind myself of the good things Sparkie has to offer. I am lying if I said I did not look over him these days. There are some shiny new guys on the road, now and then. And those guys also get the nicest makeover year over year. But he is nowhere near that the sad part is, he may not be given any more makeovers. That won't stop me from riding with him. At the end of the day, when I pull up the windows, turn on the music and unwind, I do it with ease; for, he soaks all the bumps on my way and makes room for a quiet ride home.

द्वारा santhosh
On: नवंबर 05, 2016 | 70 Views
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