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  • umesh asked on 23 Mar 2020

    Dear Team, Thanks for your time ! I have been planning to buy my first car - Tiago XZA - shortly. However, fewcustomer reviews on YouTube and elsewhere inform that this car has drivability issue - i.e. erratic throttleresponse, sudden power surge, roll-back on inclines, etc. Does these issues really exist with Tiago XZA 2020model ? Your reply will be much appreciated. :-) Thanks, Umesh

    • Cardekho Experts
    • on 23 Mar 2020

    The Tiago’s AMT let’s you choose between three modes - City, Sport and Manual. Left to do its own thinking in the city, the AMT feels rather laidback. It is eager to shift up gears, no doubt in the interest of fuel efficiency. If you decide to drive at a pace, anything faster than leisurely, the two-pedal Tiago takes some getting used to. In this case you’d be second-guessing as to when the gearbox might upshift.The Sports mode holds revs till about 3,000 rpm while cruising (about 1,000 revolutions higher than the City) and partially helps in traffic. But on the whole, it fails to make much of a difference. This Sports mode hits 6,000rpm when you floor the pedal, whereas the City mode cuts off at 5,000rpm. As it isn\'t equipped with the hill assist feature, so it may roll back if left out of turbo. The dharma of an automatic transmission is to make daily city commutes hassle-free. The Tiago\'s AMT fulfils its duty but in an unyielding manner and dictates the way it should be driven, forcing you to adapt to its calm and composed style. If you can do that, the smooth shifts make it a breeze to drive. But if you are in a hurry, a simple flick will put it in manual mode and turn the lazy Tiago AMT into a fun to drive hatchback. Moreover, we would suggest you to take a test drive in order to clear your all doubts.Check out authorized dealership details.

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