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  • ramesh asked on 24 Aug 2019

    Why the mileage is less than what is certified? The claimed mileage is 22.95kmpl but it gives half of it.

    • Cardekho Experts
    • on 25 Aug 2019

    Mileage of any vehicle depends on several factors such as timely service management, tire pressure management, driving conditions, etc. Moreover, In order to improve the mileage, we would suggest you to drive slower as driving fast can reduce your fuel efficiency by up to 33%. It is best to change gears appropriately and match the gear and the RPM carefully. You have to be careful when going to the tuner. Make sure the tuning is just to keep your engine running at the proper revs to provide maximum fuel efficiency.

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    • panneer
    • on 16 Sep 2019

    I'm also Tata bolt XE DIESEL user - I thing this is wrong. my personal opinion it's mileage is good. It delivers a whooping 23kmpl on highways and 19 kmpl on city streets.

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