• mohamed asked on 12 Jan 2021

    When will Maruti Suzuki Jimny launch?

    • Cardekho experts
    • on 12 Jan 2021

    The Maruti Jimny is expected to get launched in 2021.

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    • Maa
    • on 22 May 2021


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  • shivraj asked on 31 Dec 2021

    How month are remaining to lunch Jimmy

    • Cardekho experts
    • on 31 Dec 2021

    The carmaker is expected to launch the 5-door Jimny by early to mid-2022. Stay tuned.

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    • Cardekho experts
    • on 9 Mar 2021

    The kerb weight is the overall weight of the car without any occupants and or any other load. On the other hand, Gross weight is when the car is loaded with passengers and luggage.

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  • kailash asked on 13 Aug 2020

    What is the expected price of Maruti Jimny?

    • Cardekho experts
    • on 13 Aug 2020

    As of now, the brand has not revealed the complete details. So we would suggest you wait for its launch and stay tuned for further updates.

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