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  • abhilashpatel asked on 29 Dec 2020

    JaguarXE stable speed

    • Cardekho experts
    • on 30 Dec 2020

    Jaguar XE is sporty and handles high speeds easily. It remains composed at triple digit speed and can reach around 237kmph.

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    • Rameshreddy
    • on 30 Apr 2021

    My favourite car

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    • Cardekho experts
    • on 26 Nov 2020

    Both cars are good enough. If we talk about Jaguar XE, Despite the talkative handling, the car is surprisingly comfortable. Ride quality might be a bit stiff in uneven road conditions but not so uncomfortable. And faster you go, more planned and comfortable it gets. Whether driving in city or on long drive, it is enjoyable and comfortable. On the other hand, C-Class continues to look and feel posh, is built like a tank and has snob value like nothing else in the segment. The refinement of the new engine brings with it an added air of premiumness. Yes, we’d have liked some more features (say a 360° camera, ventilated seats, electric steering-column adjust) at this price point. But, other than that and slightly stingy room at the rear, we can’t really pick bones. It’s the good old C-Class recipe, just fine-tuned and perfected over time. You may compare both the cars accordingly. Do take a test drive in order to get better clarity. Check out authorised dealership details.

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  • shipra asked on 24 Nov 2020

    What is the mileage of the Jaguar XE?

  • tom asked on 14 Nov 2020

    Is xe have rear entertainment or not?

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