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Got queries about our used car selling process or anything else about CarDekho Gaadi Store? Below are the answers to all the commonly asked questionsIn case you got more questions, feel free to call us on our toll-free number 1800-12345-2323.

Section 1 - General

What are the benefits of selling your car to CarDekho Gaadi?

  • Let’s face it - every used car is different and equally importantly, not everyone is aware of the amount of paperwork involved in a car transfer. Add to that the hassle of visiting multiple dealers, getting to understand the process, and finally hoping that you have indeed made the right decision to sell the car at a certain price to a certain dealership. So we are trying to make life simple. Here is what we offer:
    • Visit us once - we will offer you the best quote collected by auctioning your car across multiple channels all over India in one go. No hassle of taking days on end in getting quotes from various buyers or waiting for multiple buyers to show up.
    • Or better still, don’t visit us even once, opt for Home Inspection, and we will come to your doorstep to inspect the car
    • Best prices, we’ve been working hard in this industry for years and have gathered data from all over the country from various sources like our network of channel partners, internal market researches, regular surveys and more to ensure that 1 visit is all it takes for you to get the best price for your car.
    • No waiting around to get your money. We offer one of the fastest money transfers in the industry with no extra charge. Most of our customers receive the amount within the day!
    • Selling a car is not like selling a typical moveable asset, and involves significant paperwork potentially involving multiple trips to the RTO the most basic of them being RC transfer. Leave that part of the work to us - and we will do it for free. Plus our T&Cs cover you for various concern areas till the Registration of the car is transferred.

Do I need to book an appointment or can I visit your store without an appointment?

  • While we also welcome you to directly walk in to one of our stores, we usually recommend that you book a slot in case there is a possible waiting time.

    Just visit gaadi.com, select your car details and book an appointment. Select either option - visit a store or request a Home inspection

    Or simply call us on 1800-12345-2323 and speak to one of our representatives to book a slot

    And you’re set! We will inspect the car, get you the best price, and take it forward!

Section 2 - Store visits and Home inspections for Evaluation

What is car evaluation?

  • The primary purpose of car evaluation, in addition to gaining insight into the general condition of the car, is to enable and assist in the generation of the price quotation for evaluated car from the market.

How does Cardekho Gaadi’s Evaluation Process work?

  • The Evaluation process consists of three steps.
    • Physical Inspection - Vehicle is inspected on various aspects to check physical condition.
    • Test Drive - A small test drive is taken to check roadworthiness and performance of engine and gearbox.
    • Live Auction- The Inspection report is used to discover the price from the market by conducting an auction on Cardekho Gaadi auctions platform. (without showing customer’s personal information and vehicle registration number)

Do you offer Home Inspection?

  • most cities. Please schedule a inspection from the comfort of your home. We will visit at a time convenient to you, inspect the car, get you the best price, and take it forward.

    Please go to gaadi.com and book a home inspection visit or call us on 1800-12345-2323.


    Yes, It is available

What is the process for Home Inspection?

  • After the appointment is booked, you will get an SMS/ Whatsapp and on the day of the inspection, a confirmation call. Our trained evaluator will visit you and will inspect your car which usually takes 35-45 minutes. You will likely get a price quote within 1-2 hours of that. If you agree to the price, the documentation can be completed either at the nearest store or at your house during a separate visit.

    If you want to reschedule, you could call the number provided to you on your Whatsapp / SMS. Please note that while we will always try to accommodate a reschedule, a reschedule on the same day may not always be possible, depending on prior appointments of our evaluator, in which case the appointment may have to shift to a subsequent day. It is therefore requested that in case of a reschedule, you do it a day in advance.

    Added information:

    • All documentation mentioned are required in the case of a home inspection as well
    • We don’t offer home inspection service for commercial cars
    • In case your car has to be towed to the store, you’ll have to pay Rs. 1,000 for the same

What are your timings?

  • Our branches usually operate from 10 am to 6:30 pm. Certain branches also follow different days for weekly offs. While scheduling appointments on the website, you will be able to see the operating dates and timings of the specific branch.

How could I find your store nearest to my location?

  • case your location is farther away from our store, kindly give us a call on our toll-free number and we’ll help check and arrange a home inspection wherever possible. में Please select your city from our store locator page and it will show you an entire list of stores near you.

I am on the way but cannot locate your store. What should I do?

  • the appointment confirmation message. He/she will guide you with the best route to reach our store from your location. में Please give a call to our store representative, the number is there

What should I do to reschedule my appointment?

  • It's simple, give us a call on our toll-free number 1800-12345-2323 and one of our dedicated customer care executives will help you reschedule. Or you could simply use our website.

What documents do I need to bring to sell my car?

  • car valuation!

    Personal Documents:

    • PAN Card
    • Government-issued address proof (eg Aadhar)
    • 2 passport size photos
    • Cancelled cheque (to allow us to make the payments).

    Note- these documents including the cancelled cheque should be of the car owner i.e., whose name is on the RC.

    In case it’s a Company Owned Car:

    • An authorization letter from the company
    • Company’s address proof
    • Company’s PAN card, as well as the PAN card of the authorized person signing the letter
    में Here’s a list of documents you need to keep handy

    Basic Car Documents to have with you:

    • RC/Registration Certificate (this is essential to start inspection)
    • Car Insurance
    • PUC or Pollution Certificate
    • Duplicate Key (if available)
    • Warranty, service records, and invoices (where available)

    Situational documents:

    • If your car is on loan, please keep loan documents handy
    • If your car has been transferred interstate, keep the RTO NOCs with you

    Clear documentation does have a big role to play

Section 3 - During an inspection

How long will my car inspection take?

  • Our evaluators are trained to check around 200 points of car condition and record them in very quick time. On average, we tend to finish a car inspection within 35-45 minutes. Depending on the actual car model or the car condition, this could extend in a few cases to 60-70 minutes as well.

Could I send my driver or family member for the inspection, or does it matter if I am not present during the Home inspection?

  • the name and account of the RC holder. में It is possible to do an inspection without your personal presence. However, you’ll have to be there to sign off the documents, also, the final payment will be made only

What happens if I have left some car or personal documents at home?

  • We can note this in the inspection report, and before the actual sale transaction, the documents can be collected. In the meantime, we will keep a small amount as security with us. This amount will be paid to you when you submit the document's.

What if I return with the documents later?

  • In such a situation, we re-do parts of the car selling process again like re-inspecting your car and rechecking the validity of the selling price quoted on your previous visit. Our quotes are valid for 24 hours and may change depending on the channel partner who bid the highest for your car.

    The re-inspection only takes a few minutes, we just check if the car is in the same condition as it was before.

Section 4 - Post the inspection

What is the process post deal finalization ?

  • case of minor delay not exceeding a day). A processing charge of INR 500/day will be levied, if the stockin is delayed beyond 3 days (excluding cases wherein it is delayed for NOC/LFC/Challan etc.). We encourage you to hand over the car to us at the nearest physical store. में Once the token is paid to you, and the channel partner is awaiting the car, you must complete all the formalities within 1 day and handover the car to us. Failing this, you will be liable to refund us the token amount + an additional amount of INR 2,500 (can be waived

Does the amount offered और the final payment amount differ?

  • The selling price you agree upon and the final payment you receive will differ in the following cases:
    • When there are some documents missing or are not available at the time of sale, we withhold certain amounts (which are refundable when the documents are made available within a TAT). Examples include:
      • Holdbacks for party presence requirements (only for some RTOs)
      • Bank NOC in case of hypothecation on the car (only for cars where there is a loan)
      • Holdbacks in case of inter-state vehicles (till documents are verified)
      • A small refundable security deposit for transferring the RC, refunded on successful RC transfer or expiration of the maximum time mentioned for RC transfer.
    • We also charge some fees. Examples include:
      • Nominal service charges depending on the value of your car
      • Bank NOC collection charges
      • Payment of pending challan/s
      • Duplicate key missing
      • No/expired car insurance
    • List of Applicable Charges and Deductions







    Standard service charges


    Car Value Service Charges (Incl GST)
    - 1,00,000
    1,00,001 3,00,000
    3,00,001 5,00,000
    5,00,001 7,00,000
    7,00,001 10,00,000
    10,00,001 99,99,999



    Original RC not available


    INR 5,000



    Original RC or Duplicate RC – Available but not furnished

    INR 5,000


    RC (Be it Original or Duplicate) is Faded /Damaged RC


    INR 5,000



    RC mismatch

    INR 5,000, if you agree to get the issue resolved

    Forfeited after 7 days if

    issue remains unresolved

    Usually refunded if issue resolved within 7 days


    Insurance Expired or expiring in 30 days


    INR 1,700



    Insurance (Said to be available, but not furnished)

    0-4m- 1%

    4-8m- 2%

    8-12m- 3%

    Holdback is forfeited in 7 days if not provided



    Party Presence

    INR 10,000
    to INR 30,000,
    depending on the RTO

    Forfeiture in 180 days if a request for visit made and not honoured by you (at least 2 alternate days will be provided to you to choose from).

    Usually refunded after 180 days unless it has become a deduction


    Interstate NOC (Available but not furnished)

    INR 10,000

    Usually refunded within maximum 60 days


    Interstate Vehicle (wherein RTO state is different from the state of sale of vehicle)

    INR 10,000

    Usually refunded after max 30 days to you if no issue detected


    Bank NOC

    Maximum of (INR 15,000 or 10% of purchase amount)

    21 days (can be extended to 30 days in exceptional cases). If NOC is provided but is delayed, deduction amount can be reduced or even waived (in case of minor delays) basis mutual consent

    Usually refunded if no deduction needed, i.e. NOC provided, within 3 days of such NOC being provided


    Second Key

    For cars up to INR 5 lakh (purchase value) - INR 10,000 if sensor key,

    INR 4,000 if non sensor key

    For cars above INR 5 lakh (purchase value) - 2% of deal amount

    Forfeited after 7 days if

    issue remains unresolved

    Usually refunded if issue resolved within 7 days


    Challan (within payment due date)


    Challan Amount + INR 200/Challan



    Virtual Court /Court Challan (amount visible on VAHAN)


    Challan amount + INR 1500/challan



    Virtual court challan/court Challan (Amount not visible on VAHAN)


    INR 3000/Challan



    Challan on scrap car (with in payment due date)


    Challan Amount + INR 200/Challan



    Virtual court challan on scrap cars (amount visible on VAHAN)


    Challan Amount +INR 1000/Challan



    Virtual court challan on scrap cars (amount not visible on VAHAN)


    Challan Amount + INR 2000/Challan



    Interstate Transport Charges – Applicable in case car’s RTO city is different from car’s inspection city


    Charges as applicable for interstate transportation



    RC Particulars (If not visible on VAHAN)


    INR 1,000- INR 3,000 (Varies from RTO to RTO)



    Towing Charges (scrap car)


    INR 2,000



    CNG Plate & Certificate (Mentioned in inspection report but not furnished)

    Plate + Certificate not available : INR 4,000 Plate not available : INR 2,000 Certificate not available: INR 1,000




    RC - KYC Address Mismatch



    Forefeiture in 7 days


    Backout Charges


    INR 5,000


What are your modes of payment?

  • At present, we have 3 modes of payment IMPS, NEFT, and RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement).

When is the payment made to me?

  • The entire process should get complete within the same day, including when you are still at the store. In a few cases, it may get extended to 1-2 days. We do not collect the car before the payment is made.

parts? में Is the payment done

  • Is the payment done in parts? No. At CarDekho Gaadi, we transfer the entire amount in one go via IMPS, NEFT or RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement). Your time is valuable for us and we don't want you to waste it chasing us for your money.

Section 5- RC transfer

How long does it take for the RC का the कार to be transferred?

  • your T&Cs from the time you sell the car.

    Do note that this time is not unusual - after procuring the car, we transfer it to one of our channel partners, who after refurbishing the car, finally sells it to another buyer. This is a lengthy process, and there is also time spent at the RTO waiting for the transfer process to be completed.


    It takes about 180 days for the स्वामित्व to get transferred to the नई buyer. This might vary depending पर the finalization का the end buyer और the आर.टी.ओ. requirements. However, you do remain covered under the indemnity provided

Is my physical presence required at आर.टी.ओ. during RC transfer process?

  • Yes, wherever required, the Customer must cooperate and support for all requisite formalities for the smooth transfer of ownership of the Vehicle which may include without limitation personal appearances before government authorities including the RTO (Party Peshi).

Section 6 - Others

I believe my car value is different from the price displayed on the site. What should I do?

  • Simple suggestion - please book an appointment. The price on the site is just an estimate driven by various algorithms and does not take your specific car condition and the general market trend during current days into account. For us to offer you the best price of your car, you’ll have to allow our experts to inspect your vehicle at our store or at your home.

I also want to buy another car? What should I do?

  • You can let either the call center representative or स्टोर manager know about your interest. Depending पर your choice, we’ll connect you to नई or पुरानी कार कार dealerships around you.

What make of cars do you purchase?

  • At CarDekho Gaadi, we help sell cars of all makes and models aside from commercial cars.

Which vehicles are considered as Scrap?

  • running condition
    • Vehicle damaged beyond repairs/Burnt (Accidental /total Loss)
    • Engine, Chassis number not traceable, rusted beyond recognition.
में The following vehicles come under the scrap category:
  • Registration certificate has expired
  • Vehicle not

I have a fleet of cars. Can I get a better deal? What all can CarDekho Gaadi offer me?

  • touch with our team on our toll-free number 1800-12345-2323. में At CarDekho Gaadi Store, each car is inspected, evaluated, and sold individually. However, there is a possibility of getting better deals. For this, you can get

Can you notify me when you have a good offer?

  • our social media channels so none of our followers miss out on anything exciting. Click to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram पर We share all new deals and ऑफर

Why should I sell at CarDekho Gaadi Store? Why shouldn’t I directly contact the dealer?

    • Here are some of the reasons why:
      • No listings, no annoying phone calls, 1-2 hours to sell a car
      • Unbeatable resale value for your car (thousands of verified channel partners help get the car’s resale value)
      • Instant money transfer
      • Hassle-free RC transfer
      • Loan closure assistance
      • Scientific car inspection to ensure the best price
      • Delivery receipt on company letterhead

cases of outstanding loan against the vehicle ? में Can I sell my car at the Cardekho Gaadi store even

  • cases of outstanding loan. After finalizing the deal, you will have to provide us with a Loan Foreclosure Letter from your bank. After verification of the outstanding amount, we can settle your loan and pay you the remaining amount from the deal value. में Yes, you can sell your car at the Cardekho Gaadi store
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