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  • manan asked on 31 May 2019

    Is it better than Porsche 718 boxster or not?

    • on 6 Jul 2019

    Strongly disagree with the cardheko experts , 718 is the better drivers car , it has a better interior and more reliable , although the latest generation Mustang has been quite the step up , because of the independent differential , it is not a real comparison to a real sports car like the 718 . The Mustang has a better character , an amazing 5 L V8 which sounds wonderful but all that is let down by the lack luster interior

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    • Cardekho Experts
    • on 3 Jun 2019

    In terms of more power, thunderous torque, amazing features and stunning drivability, the Mustang nails the show. The Porsche 718 Boxter is all about the elegance with a good amount of power and torque. Moreover, we would suggest you to take a test drive of both the cars so that you may get acquainted with the features, drive quality and comfort of the cars.Click here for the dealership: click here

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